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    Special Election Aug. 8th Issue 1

    One of the most illogical statements I’ve read.. Maybe you should think before parroting the talking points from a political mailer you received. A requirement to have 60% of voters to agree on changing a Constitution is no where near “40%” rule. This is ridiculous. But it is par for the...
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    Special Election Aug. 8th Issue 1

    Democracy.. 3 wolves and 2 sheep voting on what’s for dinner.. Vote Yes.. It wont pass, because there are far too many brainwashed voters.
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    Special Election Aug. 8th Issue 1

    Well yea, since that this the law right now.. Goof.
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    Climate Change to cause Ocean currents to cease by 2025

    Just more scare tactics no different then C-19
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    A great speech on Freedom by US Ambassador to Hungary

    The root of every law on the books is morality, no matter what society or country you want to examine. EVERY LAW..
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    An Open Letter to the Biden Administration on Popular Constitutionalism

    Precedence… what a laugh.. SCOTUS also ruled and then was Precedence that slavery was perfectly legal. Precedence is not engraved in stone.
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    An Open Letter to the Biden Administration on Popular Constitutionalism

    There is indeed a set way to do things. It is clear in the US Constitution. SCOTUS is only suppose to interpret the laws. Not make up new rights and laws as they see fit.. see RvW and gay marriage decision. It is funny how now all of a sudden the left is taking it on the chin and all of a...
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    Global Warming

    You are truly brainwashed. Where and how is the weather dramatic and dangerous? Answer. it’s not. Give up X in the name of this “emergency”. No different then covid 19. Climate cultists are just that cultist. Climate Change is/was never about anything other then power and control over people.
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    July 20, 1969

    And now there are many people who completely believe the moon landing was a hoax.
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    Is it time for Republicans to start directly giving out money?

    When you say pay, you talking about direct payments or just allow parents to get way more tax breaks? Im all for if you have 3 or more kids.. you are married and yes the kids are the kids of the mother and father.. You pay zero Federal income tax. This will never happen I know.. Too many...
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    Deflation in China

    The government powers that be always lose control of money printing in the end. It’s just human nature. It cannot be controlled.
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    Voter Fraud

    You ever think about why in the past when it took many days to get to a voting poll, why they just did not mail in the ballots? The explanation is obvious.
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    Interest on debt 3rd largest govt expenditure.

    It is nothing more than a bookkeeping trick that is really money printing. The money printing is obfuscated by the so called money borrowing from the Federal Reserve.
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    Deflation in China

    But then that income is “borrowed” again.. leading to ever more expense that needs to be paid by tax payers to the Fed as income, only to be “borrowed” again leading to even more debt to service. Eventually this scam crashes.
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    Interest on debt 3rd largest govt expenditure.

    Yea that is indianadad.. This forum has gone round and round on this subject.. He is technically right.. until the day comes, and it will, when the Ponzzi sham comes to a end. In the history on the world, fiat currency always crashes in the end.. it never goes on forever.
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    Interest on debt 3rd largest govt expenditure.

    Unfortunately yes..
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    Deflation in China

    So that Interest. It just goes into the The Federal Reserve vault? Interest on the debt is the 3rd largest expenditure now. I just posted an article on it. So how exactly is this a benefit? It is money that is not going to X services and on top of that it requires the government to borrow...
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    Interest on debt 3rd largest govt expenditure.
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    If Russia invades Ukraine pt 2

    Oh yea you know me so well.. from an anonymous forum. Yes your government is just as bad as any other government. We just have all the power and control most popular communications. The narrative is controlled by the Feds.
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    2 cowardly examples of male leadership

    yep and right away they resign..