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    Mystery child pneumonia outbreak reported in China hospitals

    Called it! Polls are down. They need another pandemic. This is so predictable it’s funny.
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    Ryan Day

    I am not. We have the topics split up for a reason. I don’t come to the HS football section to read or post about the reds and or the bengals, or Biden’s mishaps.There is plenty of action in those sections. This is not the Wild West. Admin please move or close this thread.
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    Ryan Day

    You realize there is a whole college section where you chose not to post this. Don’t be that guy. Everyone knows the rules.
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    Friday Updates (11/24/23)

    Yep that is the final. Springfield holds on.
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    Friday Updates (11/17/23)

    Someone play some dang defense! I hate these games. Haha
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    Div I, Region 4 Playoff Thread

    Let it go haha.
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    Region 8: #1 Anderson vs #3 Withrow

    What happened with that relationship? I was shocked to see him back at Withrow last spring.
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    A Poll For Conservatives

    Trump said himself that abortion was a losing issue and yet pubs keep leaning on it.
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    Div I, Region 4 Playoff Thread

    Just because the enrollment is large, does not mean they can line up and play football. A lot of those kids have two left feet and there strictly for the Mason education and maybe the band. That maybe the problem, they are too affluent. Their reputation attracts too many families that could...
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    Region 8: #1 Anderson vs #3 Withrow

    When did we stop using Nippert for playoff sites?
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    Region 8: #1 Anderson vs #3 Withrow

    I remember we had to scrimmage them at lunken. I don’t even think the field was 120 yards plus, they had no goal posts. 🤣
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    Region 8: #1 Anderson vs #3 Withrow

    How bout we have it in the Cardinal Pacelli parking lot?
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    Canton McKinley (9-3) vs St Edward (11-1)

    On paper, it looks like a blowout. Play till it blows for 4 quarters. If Mck even manages to keep it close, that is some good momentum going into next season with something to build from.
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    What is the goal/expectations for your school's football program?

    How on earth is walnut that bad?
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    Election Day 2023

    I wouldnt say that. Most republicans I know smoke weed or vape the CBD.
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    Election Day 2023

    Also odd is that the GOP swept every other statewide race. Yeah, it was the candidate.
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    2024 Election

    Well if that is the case wouldn't the other side be able to manipulate women just as easily? I mean, if what you say is accurate, you can put together a really game without having to explain facts!
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    Election Day 2023

    It’s a family name. Secondly, the Kentucky GOP could have ran a better horse than Cameron. Only reason he won back in 19 was because Bevin was a complete tool.
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    Election Day 2023

    Louisiana is like that. Heck, even Alabama had a few democratic governors in recent times.
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    Vote "no" issue 1 if...

    Wife and I voted no on both. These leftie looneys need to get the heck out our state.