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    2023 NWO Football

    I'll likely get flamed for this, but watching those games at Ford Field is a delight. Couldn't make it this year but did watch Grand Rapids FHC/Mason game this afternoon.
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    Region 18 Final: Coldwater (12-1) vs Liberty Center (13-0)

    While watching the game I initially had the same thought, why is he out there? He was obviously comprised. Coldwater runs a great program so I presume he got medical clearance, but he wasn't the same player. As far as this year I look for a one score differential but I'll be darned if I can...
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    #1 Liberty Center vs #8 Huron

    I like that logo much better.
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    2023 NWO Football

    Grove proved last year that you don't need a MAC team in order to be a good region. They played ML as tough as anybody aside from Versailles and Wapak, that's pretty good company.
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    2023 NWO Football

    What??? Are you saying that some people might not necessarily know what they're talking about? On a message board? What are the chances?
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    Northwest Ohio Realignment

    Throw in Pandora-Gilboa who beat McComb badly. Whether a D-V team and two D-VII schools could beat Ross I don't know, but the outcome would be closer than many might think. No shed.
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    Weather forecast for Friday night October 13, 2023 in all Ohio

    15% chance in the Lima area and after 10:00 P.M.
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    Defiance College To Move Back To NAIA...Leaves NCAA D III

    DC is struggling all the way around. It wouldn't surprise me if they have to close their doors in the not to distant future. IIRC, they lost part of their accreditation so perhaps they were going to get bounced from the NCAA. I simply don't know but this could be a real PITA for the members of...
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    Football Field Paint Crew

    How many schools are using a robot to line the field?
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    Ohio H.S. stadium seat capacities are pathetic

    How many did Galbreath seat?
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    Thursday Night Updates (8/17/23)

    Delphos St. John 36 Delphos Jefferson 0 at the half.
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    Scrimmage Results

    The demise of decent coverage has been a shock and it's a direct result of the world-wide web. People went for the digital format and over time the newspapers faded more and more. Couple that with the number of games/events already depleted sports departments have to cover and you get a lesser...
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    Midwest Athletic Conference 2023

    Perhaps you confused Arlington and Bluffton? They both wear red. From what I gather Arlington has a small squad and Bluffton has around 50.
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    Delphos St. John’s To Consider Move To Northwest Conference

    Aren't meets seeded by Baum's Page and Milesplit?
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    Northwest Ohio Realignment

    I never paid close attention when I lived up there, I was too busy nursing the bruises Tom Waugh gave me. Were kids from Bellevue moving into the district before open enrollment? I remember the Mike Gottfried days so I suppose there could have been an influx of kids due to all the success.
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    2023 NWOAL

    DC is in a heap of trouble, but I reckon that's a topic for the college football forum.
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    Northwest Ohio Realignment

    Who were they pulling from? Monroeville? Norwalk Senior?
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    2000s Rock Music: Most Overrated/Underrated Bands?

    Steve Miller has his moments when he actually plays the blues, but his more mainstream stuff is a hard pass, blech. At the start of Petty's career he did, in fact, sound like a Dylan wannabe. One thing that stood out to me about Petty was his devotion to his influences. He had songs that were...
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    Video of Thursday's tornado in Point Place (Toledo)

    I was watching Channel 13 and Berschback also had Ross Ellet in studio. As Jay was talking about something else I heard Ellet say that something had changed suddenly in the atmosphere due to the lake winds. His quote was "That's not good." Three minutes later the tornado hit PP. Later they...