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    Grand Valley seeking to leave CVC for NAC

    rumor that Cardinal applied also
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    Coventry Football

    EX coach at coventry is going to Southeast to teach, plus be Head Baseball plus assistant coach for football.
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    St. Vincent-St. Mary High School Athletic Department has hired Ben Shepherd as the next head baseball coach

    Good hire, ST V did their homework this time, not like last year
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    New North Coast Conference

    Walsh ?
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    Final Scores (5/23)

    Hudson 7 Mayfield 1
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    Final Scores (4/10)

    Gville 6 Champion2
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    Final Scores (3/27)

    Rootstown 10 Ravenna 2 Game played at KSU
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    2023 Western Reserve Conference

    I hear that CVC is on hold for schools unless a school drops.
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    PAC 2023

    There is meeting of Portage County schools in several weeks about expansion with schools from another conference.
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    PAC 2023

    Springfield is a better fit in the PTC
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    Vanderink steps down at Kent Roosevelt

    Kent belongs in Metro Conference, Springfield belongs in the PTC with Field.
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    Troy Davis out as Louisville Leopards Head Coach

    His wife hated TN, wanted to be back close to home
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    Open HS Jobs

    He was head coach at Nordonia and the last couple years he an assistant at Copley. He still plays baseball in senior league
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    Chagrin Valley Conference standings

    When they play portage county teams fans do travel
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    Chagrin Valley Conference standings

    Crestwood would leave if the PTC can find more teams. Their gate receipts are down in the CVC. They do not charge for junior hi games.
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    Mogadore 2023 schedule

    There is talk of a conference with Ravenna, Field, Springfield coming in the PTC. Crestwood would come back if the PTC can find more teams. Their gate numbers are down. The CVC does not charge for junior high games. The plan for new teams was put on hold for a year.
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    WCAL Football 2022

    Doylestown has turf.
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    PAC 2022

    Rumor from a source that Coventry is looking at the PAC
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    Press Release - Solon Added to Suburban League

    Good baseball conference
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    Solon to Suburban League

    Put Field and Springfield in the PTC. take Coventry out Kent stays in the American