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  1. Mr.wrsln2

    Steubenville Away Game

    Not much Linsly talk
  2. Mr.wrsln2

    Glenville or Ginn Academy?

    Both schools just scored very near the bottom of the ohio report card.if that matters to anyone💪🏉
  3. Mr.wrsln2

    Dover @ Col. Desales

    Roid raging😂🤡
  4. Mr.wrsln2

    Brooklyn - What Are You Even Thinking?

    So Cleveland is rascist n backwords?got it
  5. Mr.wrsln2

    Steubenville Away Game

    I hope they are,just stating there has been zero talk about actual play.
  6. Mr.wrsln2

    Steubenville Away Game

    Not much football talk about Big Red,probably has something to do bout the boring schedule.
  7. Mr.wrsln2

    Scoreboard Oddities

    Bok Tech!!!you were in some serious neighborhoods.Hats off to you💪🏉
  8. Mr.wrsln2

    Best/Worst Pizza

    Whats cleveland style?round with cheese n pep?😂🤡how earth shattering.
  9. Mr.wrsln2

    EBC Football 2023

    Well not the most exciting line up of games.I can't even pretend Dukes n Carrolltown sound like a decent one.
  10. Mr.wrsln2

    EBC Football 2023

    Canton CC coaches always deserve a raise.
  11. Mr.wrsln2

    Concession Stand Delicacies of Ohio

    Haluski,eastern hills of the state!💪🪗
  12. Mr.wrsln2

    EBC Football 2023

    The whole league is boring anymore
  13. Mr.wrsln2

    Steubenville Big Red @ Dover

    Kinda like Big Red vs Desales was in 94🤭
  14. Mr.wrsln2

    Game of the Week - Glenville at IMG Academy

    I think St Joes D had a pretty good game.
  15. Mr.wrsln2

    Steubenville Away Game

    Big Red fans love to be Massillons lil girlfriend.Makes em feel like a big deal.❤️
  16. Mr.wrsln2

    Could OHSAA survive a Private/Public Split and what do you want?

    Texas and Florida!!!💪💪💪
  17. Mr.wrsln2

    Ohio takes a step backwards

    Farrell Steelers!💪
  18. Mr.wrsln2

    Losing seasons

    Where my Sebring bro's?
  19. Mr.wrsln2

    EBC Football 2023

    Edison is ripe for the pickin at home,stick it to em Lions!💪