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    Week 4: Elder vs St Edward

    Wish it was ruled as one...but sure doesn't look like it.
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    2023 Elder Football

    He was only make a statement on what he thinks about you...not Elder. Most people who represent Elder here probably agree with him.
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    2023 Elder Football

    I'm going to suggest that you seek counseling. Seriously.
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    Elder baseball 2023're the only weirdo who thinks that. Good luck to Moeller in the finals.
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    Elder baseball 2023

    What does any of that have to do with the baseball game that was just played? Your immaturity is coming to the forefront.
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    Elder baseball 2023

    Good lord you're a child. You're an embarrassment to Elder. I see your other post got deleted quickly.
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    Seton Soccer in State Final Four

    1-0 Seton
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    GCL South boys league results. No LaSalle freshman/jv?

    I would imagine that Mason was in pretty good shape before he got there. In that respect, what kind of program did Frank Russo create when he coached at Edgewood ? Looked like he had two male runners on the team.
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    GCL South boys league results. No LaSalle freshman/jv?

    It's been quite a few years since Russo left. I wouldn't chalk it all up to him no longer coaching. LaSalle's enrollment has dropped quite a bit in the last several years. Like someone hinted to earlier, the St. X monopoly is a big factor as well (success breeds success). If you're a...
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    GCL South boys league results. No LaSalle freshman/jv? Looks like they ran the remainder of the team (13 runners) in the Open Race. Of those 13 boys, only 2 are freshman.
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    Week 6: Elder(2-3) vs. St. Xavier(5-0)

    A bunch of babies whining.
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    Boys D1 Predictions?

    X's enrollment is closer to 1500 boys.
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    Elder Enrollment Strategy

    A lot of talk on here about which schools will close and combine...but I didn't read anywhere in the statement from the archdiocese that they intend to do this. They are planning on merging and closing parishes, not schools. Two different things in my view. They are addressing the lack of...
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    Elder Enrollment Strategy

    Side note; heard the other day that 17 St. James girls are going to Seton next year. Normal amount is usually 2 or 3. That doesn't bode well for Mercy/Mc.
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    James Schmidt - greatest GMC distance performer? first thoughts were; Wow, incredible performance, great accomplishment.
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    James Schmidt - greatest GMC distance performer?

    How is that the first response that comes to your mind to his performance?