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    Seeds US OPEN 4/26-4/30

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    Seeds US OPEN 4/26-4/30

    Thanks for the updates.
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    Problems at OU

    This article covers cost of attendance fairly well.
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    Streaming State??

    Using google chrome with uBlock Origin extension only one commercial before the first match, after that I switch mats at will without commercials. My TV with a Chromecast with remote makes me watch a commercial when switching. Computer wins.
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    Hoover District

    Day 2
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    Hoover District

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    St. Ed's Results from DCC

    Match Summary STED DCC 106 Ethan Timar (ST EDWARD) over Wyatt Lees (Detroit Catholic Central HS) Dec 14-7 3.0 0 113 Karson Brown (ST EDWARD) over Simon Dominguez (Detroit Catholic Central HS) Dec 4-2 3.0 0 120 Adam Butler (ST EDWARD) over Michael Cannon (Detroit...
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    Beast of the East

    Tournament of Champions
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    Crown point invite
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    DI Live Streaming Schedule 11/5-11/6

    ESPN+ College Wrestling Sunday all day Princeton Tournament and a bunch of duals
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    2022 US Men's Senior Open Seeds.

    Retherford and Pan-American Championshps don't get along. Pinned and failed to qualify the weight his last appearance.
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    True 4th?

    In college conference tournaments they will wrestle to determine a true second if on two allocation spots were allocated to that weight class. The MAC tournament used to do it all the time. Not sure about lately.
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    my top 5 finals matches for tonight

    Here is the match. Not sure I agree with all of the stall cals. But what was the Graham wrestler thinking? Just hit with multiple stall calls and he does the grade school run from your opponent clinging to now only a 1 point lead.
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    D3 113 semifinals

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    2022 B10 Pick'Em

    125 lbs. 6. Drake Ayala (IOWA) 133 lbs. 2. Austin DeSanto (IOWA) 141 lbs. 9. Dylan Duncan (ILL) 149 lbs. 5. Yahya Thomas (NU) 157 lbs. 10. Brady Berge (PSU) 165 lbs. 3. Dean Hamiti (WIS) 174 lbs. 4. Michael Kemerer (IOWA) 184 lbs. 8. Kyle Cochran (MD) 197 lbs. 7. Greg Bulsak (RU) 285 lbs. 1...
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    Time for the B10 Challenge?

    125 lbs. 1. Nick Suriano (MICH) 2. Drew Hildebrandt (PSU) 3. Eric Barnett (WIS) 4. Malik Heinselman (OSU) 5. Devin Schroder (PUR) 6. Drake Ayala (IOWA) 7. Michael DeAugustino (NU) 8. Patrick McKee (MINN) 9. Dylan Shawver (RU) 10. Justin Cardani (ILL) 11. Tristan Lujan (MSU) 12. Jacob Moran (IND)...
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    Participation numbers by weight (1/23/22)

    I believe no TF5 without NF points. Match would end 10-0 TF4 by his rules. No 40-0 matches.