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    Sammy Sasso shot

    Glad sammy seems ok, ans lets just hope we can see him again on the mat. Also im sure the facts, politically, pointed by other users just changed many minds. Ur wasting ur precious energy people
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    Ohio 4X-ers Ranked

    Fun read, thanks! Though, Collin Palmer not Lance
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    US OPEN 4/26-4/30

    Doesnt dylan still have 2 more years tho?
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    2023-2024 Olympic Redshirt Qualifiers

    Does barr wrestle freestyle? I really expect him to be the next big thing in college, especially with a redshirt year in that penn st room
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    AJ Ferrari returning for 2023-2024

    Wasnt it a few years ago that thier 141 accidentally shot thier heavyweight with a gun?
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    Finals comments

    Why does aaron brooks have to seem like the nicest human when i just rooted so hard against him? Its on him for making me feel awkward 😅
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    Biggest NCAA Upset Ever? Ramos over Lee or Owings over Gable

    Lee's not allowed to be 4 for 4 in championships
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    NCAA day 2 (Fri) updates

    Dylan's an AA!!
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    Josie Davis DQ’d

    Yeah i have no idea how that was justifiable
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    State tournament upsets/surprises . . .

    Has any other returning state champ ever lose in the first round the following year?
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    OSU / PSU

    Smith seemed to "wake up" during his starocci match, dont think ive seen anyone in awhile wrestle starocci that hard. Romero went after it, it looks like he could possible beat brooks. Team score is bad but there wasnt really too many disappointments for ohio state
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    NEW Rankings - January 17th

    Not that i actually know but id assume snider stays 190. Much better chance beating ray for a title. In their match, snider got in once for a takedown, about 20secs into the match. Then really nothing else. Snider loses. Then on the backside of Maumee bay all he did was attack and score. Seems...
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    Maumee Bay Classic

    Denkins is the obvious favorite but im really interested in 150, especially if brodie dominique doesnt go down to 144 yet. Also just saw this event is gonna be on flow!
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    Maumee Bay Classic

    Liber wins. Beat delano last year too. Might be the deepest i remember this tournament being, wow
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    2023 Perrysburg Invitational Tournament 1/6-1/7

    Wouldve loved to see that match. Looks like contos has jump a few levels since last year
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    Ohio State University at Collegiate Duals

    Shumate did beat feldman at ironman, thats a nice feather
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    Ohio State University at Collegiate Duals

    A realIy undersized gavin brown. I was most impressed with bouzakis, great win today
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    Ohio State University at Collegiate Duals

    I wasnt sure, but it make sense karch didnt have surgery. He really doesnt look like his old self. Still very talented and should AA in a brutal weight class. But his offense seems limited. Poor guy
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    Ironman - Sleepers to Watch

    Tough call from the camera positioning, maybe another angle makes it obvious. Apparently blaze wasnt allowed to try to scramble out of that td attempt