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    Top incoming freshmen to watch

    Between Ed’s, Graham, and Coffman three of the best recruiters in the game right now.
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    16U National Duals

    Thanks for finally admitting your true identity.
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    Dublin Coffman Recruiting class 2024

    This is such an exhausting topic on this message board. "St Eds recruits" "Dublin Coffman recruits" "Perrysburg recruits" "Brecksville Recruits" "Wadsworth Recruits" blah blah blah. Take a look around this spring and summer and see which programs are putting in time. You will see all the...
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    Age v Grade

    This guy gets it. Doesn't matter if your kid wrestles for Kodiak, BTW, West Shore, Crazy Goats, or wherever else they end up after. They will have to beat a kid older than them to win a state title at some point in their lives.
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    Most Dominant Wrestler

    A. I agree with you that it is a meaningless list. B. Nowhere did I throw shade about a kids age/grade. I dont give a crap how old kids are or what grade theyre in. I was responding to the dad who was throwing shade at a kids age. C. I most certainly did not imply that St. Eds is not...
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    Most Dominant Wrestler

    Which part makes me a miserable human being? Saying they are the same age? Saying that it is suprising that a kid who has been in a HS room with elite coaching and partners is losing to a kid he beat two years previously? They're both obviously very good.... But the grade comparison is...
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    Most Dominant Wrestler

    They are still the same age... grade is irrelevant. Manns beat Van Gundy two years ago in both FS and Greco at 14U State. You're telling me that Manns being in one of the best rooms in the country and is losing to kids he previously beat is a direct reflection to their grade? I think it...
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    Most Dominant Wrestler

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    Penn State adds Nagao, Truax, and Messenbrink

    But why is it sad? If you are a parent and say live in Columbus area... are you going to goto Coffman/Liberty/Marysville or are you going to stay in your home school of Canal Winchester. I bet you seek out the best for your kid...
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    Penn State adds Nagao, Truax, and Messenbrink

    Man. Me and this SnapSpinScore character have gone our rounds but this IS SPOT ON. Well written. CAEL IS THE BEST RECRUITER AND COACH in the country. Cael is not actively seeking out all these guys in the portal either. I am sure many are APPROACHING HIM. Is he supposed to tell them no? It...
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    Will St. Ed's have any competition next year?

    Well they have 2022 State Champion Cole Evans who should fill out a weight class this year better and 2021 State Placer Diego Chavez both back. Both hampered by injuries at the state tournament. And Im sure they will continue to develop kids who can be in the mix to place. At this point last...
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    A Cinderella Story

    While there is no doubt that St. Eds wrestles a hell of schedule... Perrys schedule was very very good as well. St. Eds Ironman Carnahan (Crown Point, IN) Powerade DCC Super Duals (not as great as has been in past this year) Mass. Perry Ironman Beast of East Brecksville Wadsworth GIT Brown...
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    2023 Perrysburg D1 District

    Your math skills are rough. Ed’s 106 113 132 138 144 190 215 285 Pburg 120 126 150 157 165 175
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    2023 Perrysburg D1 District

    You don’t think Mitchell clears the quarter?
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    2023 Boro Fan Almanac

    When was this result from? Not this year…. if we are taking results from years prior… 2021 Ironman Dillon Campbell over Kael Lauridsen (NE) 4-2 2022 Ironman Marcus Blaze over Kael Lauridsen (NE) fall 4:28
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    2023 OHSWCA State Duals D1 Finals

    But yet we continue to give the school with the MOST advantages in the state, the luxury of wrestling a state event at home… in a terrible venue nonetheless
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    Perrysburg OUT for next weekends state duals

    ?? What? I don’t know what you are trying to say. Nowhere did I ever mention anything about recruiting…. ?
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    Perrysburg OUT for next weekends state duals

    oh my lord you’re exhausting. Move in VS open enroll are two completely different things. Have people MOVED to Perrysburg to wrestle? Obviously.
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    Perrysburg OUT for next weekends state duals

    Are you a moron? Read what I said. YOU HAVE TO MOVE TO PERRYSBURG TO GOTO SCHOOL THERE. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MOVE TO GOTO ST EDWARD. I never said anything about recruiting. I’m pointing out the clear differences between the two. If you can’t see that, I can’t help you. Any kid who comes up...