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    Federal League Football 2023

    Did anyone see the Hoover, Alliance scrimmage?
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    Massillon Perry lineup prediction 2023-2024

    What about Geckler?
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    Is it time to shuffle up the sectionals and districts? (Division 1)

    Agree!! There a lot of potential state placers that don't make it out of the Hoover District.
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    Wadsworth sectionals

    Just looked at this sectional. Wadsworth could actually win every weight class.
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    West Holmes Invite

    Does anyone have the winners from each weight?
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    Troy D3 District Preseason Rankings 1

    This is a great tread. Is anyone going to post the top kids in the other Districts?
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    Team Ohio Juniors at Fargo

    What does HM mean?
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    Fargo - Stark County

    How many Stark County kids are going to Fargo and what are their chances?
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    hoover 2022?

    They will be lucky to win 4 games
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    Alternates placing at State

    Has there ever been an alternate at either sectionals or districts place at state?
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    Dual Meet Tournament 2/12 (Full)

    Are the results posted anywhere?
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    D1 Hoover District

    What are everyone's predictions on Hoover's D1 District?
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    Let's go Brandon!
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    What is everyone's predictions for EBC and Federal League?

    220 will be good but Shephard will dominate.
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    What is everyone's predictions for EBC and Federal League?

    How about individual weight classes?
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    Stark County

    I meant High School Wrestling.
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    Stark County

    Well, who will be Perry's biggest challenge? What other wrestlers can beat Perry's starting lineup?
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    Stark County

    Is Perry going to dominate in Stark County this year like always?