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    DeSales Mark Zimmer Memorial Tournament has a couple spots left

    Teams are: DeSales LaSalle Olentangy Liberty CVCA Moeller Hartley Hamilton Township St. Charles Centennial
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    DeSales Mark Zimmer Memorial Tournament has a couple spots left

    January 6th, 2024 DeSales (Columbus) Pool to bracket tournament Runs on Baumspage Weigh in at 7am, start at 9am We have room for 1-2 more teams (10-12 teams based on team sizes). Well run, good competition, starts on time, gets out early. The last two years it was on the day of the Big Ten...
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    One loss 4-timers

    Johnson beat Jordan at the Licking Heights Invitational
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    NCAA rule change proposals... BIG changes

    The onus is on BOTH wrestlers to score but the current system allows the top wrestler to hook an ankle and cling for dear life. The bottom wrestler can't do much in that situation. OR when the top guy breaks him down and rides parallel.
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    4X Champs - High School Records?

    Nothing like a bath towel rolled up as tight as possible then covered with a couple rolls of athletic tape. Throw that thing from the scorers table like a competitive axe thrower, watch it twirl end over end and let the chaos and potential pain begin!
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    4X Champs - High School Records?

    Seth Shumate fell victim to this. Champ as a Freshman, Junior, tournament his Sophomore year.
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    Dublin Coffman Recruiting class 2024

    This thread is accomplishing a lot. It is clear that the OP was just curious about their favorite team. How else would you explain that almost 38% of their lifetime posts (3 of 8) are about Coffman. Must be a huge fan. I bet that DC really appreciates the undying support!
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    4X Champs - High School Records?

    OHSAA should have brackets posted for the ones who are 1999 or after.
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    4X Champs - High School Records?

    For Kenny Ramsey: Career 129-13-2 FR 25-8-1 SO 32-2-1 JR 38-2 SR 34-1 That's from his Dad so I'd say it's a reliable source. He told me to tell you that years ago he started collecting data on 4 timers as well with the idea of writing a book. If you want his email address just send me a PM.
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    4X Champs - High School Records?

    Jordans Jordans Schlatters Palmers Steibers I think it's 5 sets
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    4X Champs - High School Records?

    From Ken Ramsey's bio when he coached at Embry Riddle: Coach Ramsey's Wrestling Accomplishments 2000 Final Olympic Trials Participant, 152 lbs. 2000 South Regional Olympic Qualifier Champion 1998 USA Wrestling National Open Freestyle Champ. 6th Place 1997 Northeast Regional Champion/Most...
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    Problems at OU

    That is NONSENSE! You are required to choose a side and say inflammatory things about the others BEFORE the facts come in. Don't you know what country you live in? Pass judgement! Say crazy things! It's your duty as an American! /end sarcasm font
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    NCAA rule change proposals... BIG changes

    Not sure about all this olive branch and banking discussion...are you OK? Were your feelings hurt or something? Riding time has always hurt the excitement of college wrestling but in the last couple years it has gone over the top with guys just hooking an ankle and hanging on. The rules are...
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    NCAA rule change proposals... BIG changes

    Riding time makes the sport unbearable to watch already...2 points for it now is a terrible decision.
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    Is 2024 Barnesville's year?

    I got to see Barnesville this season...they are loaded! They even had a backup kid in the middle weights who couldn't break into the lineup of hammers they had there who may go from being a backup to a state placer in one year. Very tough group!
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    Turf Fields?

    When I coached MS years ago Bexley was playing on turf. We had a game against them on a day that rained all night and the whole school day. Rain stopped around 4-4:15 and we played on a completely dry field at 5:30.
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    Still Undefeated?

    Watkins Memorial...15-0 last I checked and hasn't lost since. Beating good teams with their #2 pitcher.
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    NCAA rule change proposals... BIG changes

    With all that said...I think good HS wrestling is 1,000,000 times more exciting than just about any freestyle match I have ever watched. Guys don't care about the shot clock in the slightest because it almost always gets put on both wrestlers at some point and usually ends up cancelling out...
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    Football and wrestling coaches

    Let's think about this...if every coach worked with their own team during the summer and had them all on his plan, would we even have the great clubs out there that take kids from multiple schools and bring variety and new partners to a room full of hammers? I bet there would be a lot less of...