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    2023 Division V Poll Voting Discussion (Week 6)

    I think this is fair. I might slip a few teams up/down a spot, and we'll learn a lot about Milan Edison this week (v. Perkins). I may sound like a homer, but I really think every one should consider Oak Harbor a top 5 team this year (and next). ;)
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    2023 Northern Buckeye Conference

    In a rivalry game you never know. I remember several years ago at Genoa I thought Oak Harbor had a great chance but Genoa jumped out early and beat the Rockets. That Ottawa County rivalry is huge and its only going to be bigger next week. It's also the same weekend as Oak Harbor's big...
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    2023 Northern Buckeye Conference

    You think Oak Harbor's defense will give up 12?
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    2023 Division V Poll Voting Discussion (Week 5)

    You forgot Oak Harbor. The Rockets haven't played their starters in the second half of any game and have given up just three scores (all 2nd half I believe) 8/18 H Bowsher (1-4) [II:6] W 47-6 8/25 A Woodward (0-5) [III:10] W 44-0 9/1 H Port Clinton (2-3) [V:18] W 42-7 9/8 H Maumee...
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    Ohio State Football 2023

    Yes, they should win YSU, WKU games. I think they squeak by in an upset over Notre Dame. Maryland might catch them off guard if they are healthy. Purdue is not good. Penn State will be a loss and maybe Wisconsin. They should beat Rutgers, Michigan State isn't good, and not worried about...
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    2023 NWO Football

    You did mean Labor Day weekend, right? ;)
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    Hazing Incidents

    Ignorant post here. This has nothing to do with their denomination (catholic) rather to do with their sin. Northwestern isn't catholic and they had same issues. The protestant church isn't catholic, yet they have had their fair share of pedophilia. Same with every other culture, society, etc.
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    W-L-T Football Records of some Ohio High Schools—(After 2022)

    Keith, So, is that a discrepency? If so, do you know why it is off?
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    New Rules For Free Throws

    NFHS is the National Federation of High School Sports. If its their rule, it will be in all 50 states.
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    Team ends 73 game losing streak

    Not baseball, but does anyone remember the Bettsville girls basketball record from the 1980s/1990s period? Wasn't it like 100 some games and over 200 in league contests?
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    2022-23 Three Rivers Athletic Conference....who wins the final title?

    While the Lady Giants are doing well over the past few years, that hasn't always been the case, either. ;)
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    2022-23 Three Rivers Athletic Conference....who wins the final title?

    Why is Fremont Ross so mediocre (at best) year in and year out in basketball? They have just as much talent in the city of Fremont as Sandusky does but it seems like they can't get the cream of the crop to play basketball. Just curious.
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    According to my company that does my taxes, I don't have to. If there is no form sent from a school (which they don't if under $600) then it does not get reported.
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    99% were paid by check, and yes, any school/club that I made over $600 from in that year was reported in taxes.
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    Buzzer Beaters Continue In 1st Week Of 2023

    and buzzer beaters will continue all throughout the year, and every other year, etc. it's basketball.
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    2023 Classic in the Country

    They are 7-2, lost to a 10-1 Fremont Ross team and an 8-1 Toledo Christian team.
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    2023 Classic in the Country

    Margaretta isn't a bad team. They've lose a key player to injury otherwise they'd be a very good opponent this year.
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    As an official here are my thoughts: 1. Cost to be an umpire in baseball is expensive to start off, but you can quickly cover that cost by working a weekend tournament - smile. 2. Don't let rude and obnoxious fans take away from giving to the kids. Most of what I've experienced in baseball...
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    2022-23 Three Rivers Athletic Conference....who wins the final title?

    It's always good to get a win. Gr Latrobe is not a good team, but Fremont has learned to manage those types of games. I just wish they could get over the hump and be very competitive and win some of the games against the bigger schools.