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    Midwest Athletic Conference 2023

    In my 6 years running MAC track and CC, Parkway never entered the conversation when considering team competition. They've had some great individual athletes through the years, but they have no chance of being champions as a team- and haven't been in those sports- at least not since the Reagan...
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    2022 Marion Local Flyers vs. 2022 Massillon Tigers

    Remember, this is an offshoot of statistics. If you have the skill, you can read it as 'Coach Moore makes almost 20x the coaching salary of his most successful contemporary.' That is what I read at least.
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    Division VII State Championship: New Bremen (12-3) vs Warren John F Kennedy (13-1)

    The exact advantages you mention were hindrances to the MAC pre 1985. How do you make it in the top two in Harbin points in your region playing lowest division schools who also play lowest division schools? Once it moved to 4 per region the door was left cracked for them to bust in. If you...
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    Division VII State Championship: New Bremen (12-3) vs Warren John F Kennedy (13-1)

    They had 7 divisions in the 90s? Also, as a clarification, are you saying 3 fall sports? I understand that some on here have made inflammatory comments, but I've always thought well of JFK and what their school has achieved. I'd like to keep it that way.
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    Updates: Marion Local (15-0) vs. Kirtland (15-0) (12/3/22)

    Lol, the playoffs are just as watered down for everyone else, but I don't see anyone else producing those results. To tell the truth though, I agree. 100 teams in a division? I consider getting third as a team in a sport like XC or Track where there is ~250 'teams' (as defined by OHSAA...
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    2022 Marion Local Flyers vs. 2022 Massillon Tigers

    See, he believes that the gap between sixth and fifth in those divisions is about a 7 poi- I mean Touchdown gap. Regional runner up? Chump. Regional champ? CFP caliber. 😁
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    2022 Marion Local Flyers vs. 2022 Massillon Tigers

    In 2003 VASJ beat Euclid, a solid winning record D1 team that even beat other D1 teams, including a D1 playoff team. Euclid only lost to Mentor by a touchdown that year. That VASJ team was beaten 26-0 by Versailles in the state championship game. I would find any argument saying that Versailles...
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    Rank the State title games (2022)

    1. 'Noo Bree-men' vs JFK 2. Springfield vs Eds 3. South Range vs Ironton 4. ML vs Kirtland 5. Hoban vs TCC 6. Canfield vs Bloom 7. Glenville vs Wyoming
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    Saturday Updates (11/12/22)

    The 95 championship game is the only football game of theirs I have seen, and I think I remember more 2 pt. conversions than extra points.
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    OHSAA 2022 Volleyball State Finals, Eight Private Schools, Three MAC Schools...and the rest of the state

    Something missed in the Catholic + MAC equation is that other than the same club volleyball most other girls 'have access' to, there is no volleyball before JH. It is significantly different there than the parochial school setup you see elsewhere in the state - the only CYO is basketball, and...
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    Week 12: Huron (9-2) @ Coldwater (10-1)

    I would think this is sarcasm if I didn't know better. I would also call rallying behind the backup and protecting the long term health of a teenager a better example of battling through adversity and tough times than playing a kid in a game 3 weeks after breaking his leg. I would describe that...
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    Week 12: Huron (9-2) @ Coldwater (10-1)

    I don't think Coldwater will make it all the way. The shortest broken leg recovery time I can find is 6 weeks, and that is just until you can stop using your crutches. Also, I grew up in the MAC and experienced the mentality of players, coaches and parents firsthand. This leads me to believe...