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    Will St. Ed's have any competition next year?

    Will Penn State?
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    DOVER Head coaching job open

    Isn't Seibert a principle there? Any chance he's interested?
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    Way too early look at 23-24 Buckeyes

    Man, they should really fire Tom Ryan now! 😆
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    Way too early look at 23-24 Buckeyes

    I believe he has had a shot or 2 in Columbus, maybe a change of scenery will do him some good
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    Way too early look at 23-24 Buckeyes

    I'm not so sure this is true. And the plan all along was for Bouzakis to redshirt and Mendez go 133 for a year, then take a redshirt himself while getting ready to go up to 141, thus they have 3 years left with Feldman and Geog
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    Way too early look at 23-24 Buckeyes

    The plan for now is for him to redshirt to bulk up to 141 to finish his career, also that would keep him, Bouzakis, Geog and Feldman all together for 3 more years after next. As I said tho, all is subject to change
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    Way too early look at 23-24 Buckeyes

    The plan as of right now is Bouzakis goes 133, D'Emilio, Sasso and Paddy stay where they are, Hepner slides in at 165 and Carson goes to 174. Mendez redshirts. Feldman will be HWY if healthy and 125, 184, 197 will be worked out. Of course this is early and a lot is subject to change.
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    NCAA day 2 (Fri) updates

    What a match for Romero, happy to see him go out like that!
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    Biggest NCAA Upset Ever? Ramos over Lee or Owings over Gable

    Lee has defaulted out of the tournament
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    2023 NCAA Pick'Em

    125lbs. 1 . Spencer Lee , IOWA 133lbs. 10 . Lucas Byrd , ILL 141lbs. 6 . Beau Bartlett , PSU 149lbs. 8 . Max Murin , IOWA 157lbs. 7 . Bryce Andonian , VT 165lbs. 2 . Keegan O`Toole , MIZZ 174lbs. 4 . Chris Foca , COR 184lbs. 3 . Aaron Brooks , PSU 197lbs. 9 . Max Dean , PSU 285lbs. 5 . Cohlton...
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    St. Edward 2023-24

    I see probably MP, Brecksville and Wadsworth all fighting for 2nd next year. I think Perrysburg is losing a lot to stay top 4. All will have tough teams though
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    St. Edward 2023-24

    Eds B team likely top 6 or 7
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    St. Edward 2023-24

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    Josie Davis DQ’d

    I'd get a hold of Tim Misny
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    Josie Davis DQ’d

    Agreed 👍
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    State tournament upsets/surprises . . .

    They are terrible on bottom!
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    Josie Davis DQ’d

    100 percent agree
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    Any results?
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    Josie Davis DQ’d

    That's a class act. Not many people would do this