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    R4 Regional Semifinals

    I think Iggy won 6-0
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    Southwest District Finals

    I think the Centerville v. Moeller game is shaping up to be a great one. There’s 20+ CUP kids on these combined rosters … 7 will be on the defending National Championship 06 team. Both teams have played 19 games and they each have 14 shut outs on the season. Moeller’s goal differential is 55 (65...
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    Southwest District Finals

    Moeller - 2 East - 0
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    HS Soccer Scoreboard

    only other upset in D1 southwest outside of Kings over West was Xenia over Springfield. All other top seeds advance.
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    Ask the ref?

    I’m curious to get the opinion of our Yapper community here. There’s a D1 school in the SW district that has a varsity assistant coach that is also a referee. Should the OHSAA allow that ref to work games in the same division he coaches? Isn’t that an inherent conflict of interest? Also...
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    HS Soccer Scoreboard

    Moeller v. Lebanon was first game of season … Friday Night Futbol.
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    HS Soccer Scoreboard

    Ok everyone, time to start posting scores from across the State. I’ll start … Moeller 5 Lebanon 0
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    Scrimmage Scores

    8/6 Moeller 4 Oak Hills 0 8/8 Moeller 2 Kings 0 Friday Night Futbol tomorrow at Lebanon. 7pm kickoff.
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    Club Soccer Updates for HS Aged Boys

    So about this 06 CUP team … 45 wins and 6 losses the past 2 years. Only 2 of their losses were by more than 1 goal. Back to back 20+ win seasons with 22 shut outs this year. Their starters only gave up 5 goals all year (16 in total with substitutions and injuries in 32 games). At Nationals...
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    2022 Season

    hey @cincinnatiaoccerdad123 … what about the entire 2006 team that doesn’t want him to be there coach for the next two years? do they have a say? what if kids in that team don’t feel it’s safe? what if they are uncomfortable seeing all the instagram posts that says he loves the boys? what...
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    Club Soccer Updates for HS Aged Boys

    HS soccer is around the corner. How are some of the clubs with local HS talent doing this spring? Any seniors poised to have stand out seasons? Any Juniors or Seniors ready to break out? What club teams are doing well and what HS are represented on their teams?
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    Colerain upsets Mason 1-0

    Seems to me this is a code of conduct / school issue. I agree that OHSAA likely doesn’t have jurisdiction over such issues. I’ve seen a lot of the Mason games and I don’t recall a flury of red cards. I watched the Colerain game and noticed a number of kids didn’t play. I just assumed they were...
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    UC drops Men’s Soccer

    Jumping into the mix here. I think you are both kinda right. Certainly UC wanted to be more attractive. However every decision a university makes about their athletic department is through the lens of Title IX. UC is in the Big 12 today not because they cut soccer and saved a bit of money but...
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    2021 St. Ignatius soccer

    I never said it was the toughest schedule. I just said if the rankings are accurate it was one of the toughest in Ohio and possibly the country. Here are the ranked opponents based on state first poll (S) or Region (R) or National (N) rankings. Iggy St X - 8 S Univ School - 15 S...
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    First state polls

    Well if these rankings are even close to accurate then Moeller has one helluva schedule. Probably one of the toughest in Ohio and possibly the country. They would play is of these rankings: Iggy - #1 in state / #1 country (prep Mason - #2 state / #45 country (prep New...
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    Cincinnati Vs St. I’s

    St. X had an awful game plan vs. Iggy. They tried to play them straight up and lost this game in transition. Iggy appeared to play a 3-5-2 or a 4-4-2 and was very quick to get 4 to 5 players into the attack off a turnover. Iggy made a number of aggressive runs with their midfielders with their...
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    Monroe boys soccer

    @Philly_Cat no doubt club plays a more significant role in college recruiting and HS is about playing with their friends. But much like HS basketball is to AAU, college coaches for soccer watch both. HS just gives them another data point to evaluate kids for their program. Any high level HS...
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    Monroe boys soccer

    Generally speaking there are a number of reasons, though it’s different for each family. Those include: - FCC expanding their recruiting efforts to a more national basis and offering more host families for those kids outside the region. - after U15, kids jump to U17. After U17, kids jump to...
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    Friday Night Futbol - #3 Moeller vs #1 Mason

    I personally don’t think this one will be that close. I think Moeller is coming into this season with low public expectations based on last years results. What people may not realize is they have 2 great players that only played half the season and 2 other high caliber players that didn’t play...
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    Friday Night Futbol

    Moeller @ Mason - 7:30pm