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    Central Buckeye Conference 2022

    WEEK 10 ... Already?!?!?! There are 2 MASSIVE match ups, 1 on each side of the CBC MR Northwestern @ Ben Logan - Neither team is impressive ... and that is a little bit of a compliment. But, with that being said, Ben Logan definitely has the upper hand. Not just on the field, but for what is...
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    Division IV Region 16

    Shawnee over London ... sorry but not happening. Shawnee is a good team but London is strong and physical. AND ... Shawnee's QB is out for the season, rumor mill is ACL. Back up QB looks like one of the better athletes on the field but still the back up. I think London runs with this one.
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    Central Buckeye Conference 2022

    Great week of match ups leading to what could be an even better Week 10 ... but staying with week 9 ... KT Tecumseh at Alder - Agree with the fact that both teams are heading in different directions. I would have to disagree with the "beatdown" statement that Bellefontaine gave Alder. 27-7 is...
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    Central Buckeye Conference 2022

    Gamma ... who exactly are you going with in the Bellefontaine vs JA game? They are both Black and Red, lol Figured you meant Bellefontaine with the similar score comment, just wanted to clarify. London vs KR - I think maybe Tecumseh showed everyone the answer to the London team, PHYSICAL...
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    Covington cancels game

    Is Covington playing this week? Any news?
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    Dublin Coffman 2022

    Is it likely that Olentangy will miss the playoffs? I know this is a Coffman thread but the Olentangy talks earlier brought me back here for this. Just looking at the schedule, their best chance for another win is this week against Darby. Jerome and Marysville will beat Olentangy. If...
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    Central Buckeye Conference 2022

    Just looking at the stats, looked like Bellefontaine was heavy on Fogan beginning of the year, and now they are letting St. Clair just run with the offense. If you have a D1 quarterback, you let him be a D1 quarterback, lol
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    Ask The Ref?

    Rules question ... if there is a running clock. When does the clock actually stop? From what I have been told, there are really 4 reasons the clock will still stop. 1- Team charged time out. 2- Injury Timeout 3- Officials Time Out 4- Change of Possession. What is the ruling on these?
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    Central Buckeye Conference 2022

    Heading into conference play ... what does everyone think? Who are the favorites? Who is surprising you, good and bad?
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    Central Buckeye Conference 2022

    The crossover games should rotate. Yes, there are old, long standing rivalries but it is the nature of the beast of conference play and expansion. You shouldn't have the same cross over games every year, if that is the case just make it 1 large conference. Sometimes you end up with not ideal...
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    Central Buckeye Conference 2022

    Biggest takeaways from week 1?
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    Hot Seat!!!

    What coaches are in the "hot seat" going into this season?
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    Central Buckeye Conference 2022

    London vs Western Brown will be very interesting, 2 TOTALLY different offenses. Good to see more manageable games for Urbana, hopefully they get this since they are going to struggle in conference play even more now.
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    IUDOGS: 2021- 2022 Ohio High School Head Football Coaching Changes

    Thought I saw that both Ravenna and Ridgedale have selected coaches, thought I saw something about each on twitter
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    7 on 7 in Ohio

    7v7 are good for the players, as long as they are coached up correctly! If the defense is just dropping RIGHT away without the proper read step, the whole thing is pointless, both sides of the ball. It is really good for conditioning though. I think it is GREAT work for the DBs though...
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    2022 All-star games

    Got any info on the Licking County/Muskingum County all star game?
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    Best Quarterbacks in Ohio

    I would have to say that Drew Novak from Western Brown has to be the top QB going into the year. With all those stats from last year, he is up there. It definitely helps thats they run a VERY high tempo, pass heavy offense, but he still does a great job. I would argue that as fast as they...
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    Central Buckeye Conference 2022

    Don't you think that Urbana should get Graham and Northwestern? I mean, they are now the smallest school on the biggest side. They struggled in the small school side. Throw them a bone and give them at least Northwestern, who has struggled last 2 years or so.
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    Battle of Pickerington - OCC

    what do you need to accomplish to become a "dynasty"?!?!?! I mean they have been regional champs i think a lot (insert 0 now) ... and obviously have won their own rivalry a lot ... again no. They have had some AMAZING talent come through, FOR SURE, but a dynasty, I think not. The potential...
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    Central Buckeye Conference 2022

    This didnt age well ... lol. Just playing ... but it wasn't only being talked about on Yappi