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    IVC 2022

    Correct, Malvern won D6 region 23 in 2008, runner up in 2009. Ridgewood won D5 region 19 in 2009
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    Longest 1st Round Bus Rides: 2022 edition

    and thats 4 hours in a car. Take a bus, add 30 players and coaches, your looking realistically at a 5 hour trip one way.
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    IVC 2022

    What about adding Minerva and Conotton Valley to the North and Carrollton and Louisville to the south? I know the rockets are IVC for other sports but not football correct?
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    IVC 2022

    Congratulations to Garaway and Newcomerstown on league titles. Garaway, Indian Valley, Ridgewood, Newcomerstown and Malvern all make the playoffs. Looks like Garaway vs Smithville Indian Valley vs Philo Ridgewood @ Berkshire (2 hours away) Newcomerstown vs West Jefferson Malvern @ Coal Grove...
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    IVC 2022

    week 10 predictions Garaway 38 Ridgewood 7 Sandy Valley 31 Tusky Valley 13 Indian Valley 50 Claymont 6 TCC 14 Strasburg 7 Buckeye Trail 20 Newcomerstown 16 Malvern 34 East Canton 20
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    IVC 2022

    Regardless of the outcome, you really gotta tip your cap to Newcomerstown. I remember after week 1, people were thinking they may not win a game. Newcomerstown and Malvern are very young teams and there battles over the next 2-3 years should be classic
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    IVC 2022

    I Know that Buckeye Trail is finally healthy. Anyone else think there game with Newcomerstown is going to be close? any score predictions?
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    Tuscarawas County area you pick them Week 10 rivalry games

    Carrollton Indian Valley Conotton Valley River View Dover Fairless Garaway Hoover Massillon Perry Malvern Buckeye Trail Sandy Valley TCC West Holmes
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    State Champion predictions

    St Eds Hoban Chardon Glenville Sugarcreek Garaway Kirtland JFK
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    Tuscarawas County area you pick them Week 9

    West branch Ridgewood West Muskingham CV Linsey Fairless Garaway I.V. Green McKinley Malvern Newcomerstown West Holmes Mayesville Lake
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    Tuscarawas County area you pick them Week 8

    Salem Claymont Coshocton Connoton Valley Dover Fairless Garaway Indian Valley Malvern Lake Mckinley Perry New Philly John Glenn Buckeye Trail East Canton W.H. Massillon
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    D7 R25 2022

    Lucas has played a brutal schedule. Ive watched all there games this year on the Ohio Report. they could very easily be 6-1. The only game they were never really in was the Crestview game. there scrappy
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    IVC 2022

    My Friday predictions Buckeye Trail 30 Strasburg 12 Malvern 41 Newcomerstown 22 East Canton 28 TCC 6 Garaway 55 Tusky Valley 7 Sandy Valley 21 Claymont 20 Indian Valley 27 Ridgewood 21
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    IVC 2022

    South might be Yoder the QB for Garaway South COY either Wallick or Henry north Poy I would say Bunk or Witherow the QB of Malvern north coy is either Gadd or Chuirco not sure if Newcomerstown can stop Malvern passing. On the flip side, interesting to see if Malvern can stop Newcomerstown...
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    IVC 2022

    Your correct, I forgot they moved up
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    IVC 2022

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    IVC 2022

    Garaway gave South Range all they wanted last year. I was at that game in Louisville. Garaway has everyone back, I like the Pirates chances in 22
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    IVC 2022

    Do you guys feel the IVC is more competitive in Basketball than Football?
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    Tuscarawas county area you pick them Week 7 I'm back

    Alliance Meadowbrook CV Tusky Valley Dover Fairless Garaway Malvern Massillon Perry Lake NP Newcomerstown Ridgewood Tri valley East Canton West Holmes
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    Tuscarawas County Pick’em where you at?

    Prayers to you and your family Pirate. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 out of respect to what your going through, I will not participate this week.