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    Regional Finals Scores (finals and updates)

    I was able to make the CCDS and Alter game as well as the Summit and Waynesville game. First CCDS and Alter. Both teams had some chances the wind was insane especially up on top of the hill in Monroe. Corner by Farris was a great playable ball in off the corner and finished by a Zimm twin off...
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    SWO Regionals

    Dearest Vetterhead, Quite honestly you have been so tractable during this GGCL exchange I feel like a bully continuing the discussion. So I'll make it quick as somehow things have been lost in translation. I never took shots at the academic quality of the schools. I simply, in what I was...
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    Even in non Seton games I still see AR's call offsides way to often when either an offsides player is not involved in the play or more often the ball was played before the player called offside was offside. And for sure it can go both ways, but I see it more often against the attacking player...
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    I will admit Seton impressed me a little. I still think they get more help from the fact that so many refs call offside wrong then they should, but they have had a great season. Good for them. I have said all along MND was the one to beat. They were, and as of today, they still are. I expected...
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    SWO Regionals

    Seton is my only surprise. Good for them, but MND has had their number and absolutely crushed them last outing. Losing Kohl's to an ACL hurts them a lot but I still think MND is too much for Seton. But it would be a great story for the Westsiders. We will see who on MND is going to take Kohl's...
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    Southwest Ohio tournament new thread

    I saw a picture on the OHSAA SWDB site of Kohl's from MND on Crutches and her knee iced. Any word on what happened. Hopefully just a knee or thigh contusion. I should have gone there for the early game but went to watch Milford/Springboro late instead. Good game. Great first goal finish by #21...
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    SouthWest Ohio Tourney Talk

    So wait, Oak Hills isn't very good, but SUA is? And to the tune of 3 goals better no less?
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    SouthWest Ohio Tourney Talk

    I too was surprised at Ross seed. Yes it was a soft schedule but undefeated in SW Ohio is tough. They are a super small D1 school so wins and draws against D2 top ranked teams should have played better than #15. BUT.....Play Loveland now, or play Loveland (or Mason, or Oak Hills or Seton or...)...
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    Centerville vs MND

    What a crazy year. Seton handles Centerville, MND dismantled Seton, Centerville beats MND. Beavercreek crushed Bellbrook, Bellbrook tied Springboro, Springboro had their way with Beavercreek. I'm not sure who's more confused the GGCL or the GWOC. Perhaps there is just no real standouts this...
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    Conference results so far

    Oak Hills and East co-champions of the GMC Centerville and Miamisburg co-champions of the GWOC Waynesville wins the SWBL CCDS wins the MVC At this point only 1 team had an overall record o Overall record of .500 or better. Looks at their ability to win out of conference as well.
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    Tournament Draw Sunday

    I just don't see Centerville making it out of the region. That late season loss vs an average Seton team was pretty telling. MND and Milford have to absolutely be the odds on favorites to win the Region in D1. And if Oak Hills can get their defense together, they along with Miamisburg the...
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    Loveland 1 Milford 0

    Sometimes arrogance gets in the way. Hopefully Milford can put the absurd regular season net cuttings, and regular season field storming's behind them and focus on the game. Their path to the district finals is pretty damn easy, so let's hope they can keep their energy on soccer rather than...
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    Leaders with 2 weeks left

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    Leaders with 2 weeks left

    With the season winding down and almost everyone at 12 games + or - I wanted to look at the leaders. 2 teams with perfect records. Milford and Waynesville both at 13-0-0 3 teams who are still undefeated Springboro 12-0-2, Ross 11-0-2 and Centerville 9-0-4 League leaders teams ranked...
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    Monday, 10/3

    CCDS 1 / Taylor 0
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    Week 8

    Another draw for MND. MND 1 / Anderson 1 The Redskins have not given up many goals this year. Including just 2 to Milford. Only MND and them have held them that low. Be nice to see the girls from Forest Rd. make another good run in the postseason. They should win all 3 games before the...
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    Week 8

    That's a huge statement win by Summit over Wyoming. Waynesville and Summit really setting themselves apart in D2. And SUA's dominant performance over Seton makes Summit's win vs. them look even better. Locally the only loss Summit has was vs CCDS. I thought about going to the Summit vs. Wyo...
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    Leaders after week 5

    Wow, I see I touched a nerve. Academic merits? SUA has the highest ACT scores of the 3 better GGCL soccer schools that you list (MND, Seton and SUA) with a 29. So yes that's pretty solid. Problem is that's the same as little D3 Mariemont. Hmmm....Maybe that's a one off? Nope, D3 Public school...
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    Conference results so far

    Looking at where we are heading down to the last 2.5 weeks before the playoffs and interconference play has been going for a bit, I thought I would take a look at what the Leagues are looking like. Everyone knows I pick on the GMC and well. The facts are the facts. Just two perfect record...
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    Week 7

    Beavercreek at Lakota West - Creek 2-0 East Central at Seton - Seton 3-1 SUA at Mercy McAuley - Draw 1-1 (weird MM field equalizes) Monroe at Badin - Monroe 3-0