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    Woodridge Football Coach Steps Down

    Pure speculation.....does Dan Larlham apply? So far he seems to only be involved with private schools/religious atmosphere. I am sure it has to be intriguing to him, but that doesn't mean that they would necessarily be interested.
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    ABJ: 12 Greater Akron football players who should have Division I offers

    If you’re talking about Tre Bell he was a junior last year and played this year.
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    ABJ: 12 Greater Akron football players who should have Division I offers

    Historically, Walsh has had plenty of players go D1 and i can assure you it is visited and known to college coaches. I would not worry about that in the least, considering the coaching staff Walsh has in place now. Facilities are now top notch as well. If this kid is deserving of going D1, he...
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    Hudson 34 Walsh Jesuit 7

    Walsh Defense made the difference in the second half last year. I have been impressed with the second half adjustments from the WJ staff for the past two years. Walsh is pretty flexible with their schemes on defense depending on what success the offense is having against them. The WJ...
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    Week 10: SVSM @ Walsh Jesuit

    Looks like the stream is on the Walsh website tonight instead of a link to boxcast.
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    Week 10: SVSM @ Walsh Jesuit
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    Week 10: SVSM @ Walsh Jesuit

    Drew Pasteur has WJ (-6) 64% FWIW
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    Week 10: SVSM @ Walsh Jesuit

    One other thing: imagine being inside coach Larlham’s brain and heart this Friday night. Living in the upside down.
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    Week 10: SVSM @ Walsh Jesuit

    While WJ has been blowing teams out, they have been able to diversify their options on offense by getting plays to other contributors executed. They have also been able to build depth on both sides. The defense should be shoring up too with new players being developed over the last few weeks...
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    Week 10: SVSM @ Walsh Jesuit

    He’s just pointing out it’s all you talk about. You don’t actually mention anything about the teams. You clearly underestimate WJ based on your schedule vendetta. Should be a great game!
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    Can Hoban be Dethroned in Region 5 this year?

    I came here to say that while Hoban is the obvious and clear favorite, as they should be, that simulating this region will make an out of you and me. The region looks deep this year behind Hoban. I will guarantee an upset of one of the favorites whether that includes Riverside, Hudson...
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    Week 8: Massillon (7-1) vs Canisius Buffalo NY (3-2)

    I've heard from someone that the upswing those couple years when they were very strong was a group of players that came in with the Bill's previous coaching staff's sons and obviously there has been a new staff with the Bills for several years now. Not claiming to know much about Canisius, but...
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    Lake Catholic (2-5) @ Walsh Jesuit (5-2)

    You're right, they should have figured out what everyone's record would be this year before scheduling!
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    Lake Catholic (2-5) @ Walsh Jesuit (5-2)

    Walsh struggled in the trenches against McDowell. Size and Depth was in McDowell's favor. Ultimately Walsh could not stop the run and was playing catch up the entire game.
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    Friday Updates (9/30/22)

    Walsh Jesuit 52 NDCL 23
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    Friday Updates (9/30/22)

    Walsh Jesuit 45 NDCL 16
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    Friday Updates (9/30/22)

    Walsh Jesuit 28 NDCL 9 2Q
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    Friday Finals (9/23/22)

    Hoban 32 Walsh Jesuit 20
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    Archbishop Hoban at Walsh Jesuit

    Walsh will have to stop the run, if not, they’ll have to play a perfect game otherwise to out score Hoban. I see Walsh giving them a tough game but Hoban being 10-14 points better. R5 is shaping up to be very strong at the top and the playoffs should be exciting.
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    Freshman Games——Week 5

    Walsh Jesuit 21 Austintown Fitch 14