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    2022-2023 General Discussion

  2. J

    Martin RPI

    Thanks.................I think!
  3. J

    Martin RPI

    I am guessing this Martin guy was upset that the school he follows, or possibly played for, or has a son/daughter that plays got a bad draw that he didn't think was fair and decides to come up with this system. Will this happen in baseball/softball, soccer or any other sport that uses a vote to...
  4. J

    Who Invited Winter?

    Ok, I might be guilty!!!!
  5. J

    Who Invited Winter?

    Not ME!!!!!
  6. J

    Driving Pet Peeves

    Turning left into the wrong lane. Please turn into the left lane, not the right lane!
  7. J

    Worst Mascots in Ohio

    UT in 90
  8. J

    Worst Mascots in Ohio

    Sorry, I didn't see this when I replied.
  9. J

    Worst Mascots in Ohio

    BGSU -C-K-S
  10. J

    2022 Three Rivers Conference thread

    Solid schedule :rolleyes:
  11. J

    Pet Peeves with Travel Softball

    Parents that pay for their daughter to play and then think that since they are on a travel team that they will get to go to college for free because they are so GOOD.
  12. J

    Weak 10 Game

    hello Mr. Troll
  13. J

    Phrases you detest?

    "catch lightning in a bottle"
  14. J

    Cleveland Guardians

    So Brian, what do you have to say now?
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    Your Favorite Halloween Treat?

    Thank you, I didn't think that sounded right.
  16. J

    Favorite Barnyard Noises

    The complete silence at night
  17. J

    Your Favorite Halloween Treat?

    I haven't had a Twix in about 15 years, when did they start putting almonds in them??
  18. J

    Cleveland Guardians

    Yep, fire him on the spot Brian. You know what is right! This is the most talented Cleveland baseball team ever. :rolleyes: