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    St. Ed's results from VA

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    St. Ed's results from VA

    My friend, you are free to have your opinion, no matter how silly. It's just a spring time HS wrestling tournament. Nothing to get too upset about. You say the tournament was filled with "FISH" which is flat out wrong. Were all of the top ranked kids in the country there, definitely not. But...
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    Ohio guys at NHSCA

    won a state title in GA this year btw.
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    St. Ed's results from VA

    Amen Brother!
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    St. Ed's results from VA

    Whatever contributions you may of once made to the sport are now reduced to you making negative comments on a high school wrestling message board. All from the the comfort of your LazyBoy chair.
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    Elo Ratings - Division 1

    Like it!
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    St. Ed's results from VA

    Do you even like wrestling? Genuinely curious.
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    Brown v McKinney near fall controversy

    …..and if the Ref communicates to McKinney that he’s in NF criteria, he likely gets off his back and wrestles differently. Maybe they stalemate and restart, maybe they scramble, maybe he gets out. Brown wrestles differently too depending on the outcome of that flurry, 3-1, 3-3, 5-5, or 6-1...
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    St. Edward 2023-24

    Whoa, shots fired!
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    Brown v McKinney near fall controversy

    For what it’s worth, from my buddy who is a NCAA Ref… “Technically the call was probably right but the officiating mechanics were off. There was not enough displayed control for a reversal in either attempt. However the lead official should have been looking for the exposure on the bottom man...
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    Wrestling extravaganza! Admission is FREE!

    Don’t mind paying $10 for parking, but it’s not really $10 is it? It’s $10 every session… x4….. to park 1 mile away…. At least Diet Cokes were only $8
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    Josie Davis DQ’d

    Great explanation! B
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    Brown v McKinney near fall controversy

    What a big swing. From where I was sitting, looked to me like 2 + 3 for McKinney.
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    omar ayoub

    He willed that win into existence! Kid is fun to watch!
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    2023 State Tournament Alternates

    Brass balls indeed! Super tough kid.
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    Hoover District

    Totally agree. He's a super talented kid, and I'll add that I didn't think he was particularly big 106lber last I saw him. Holy cow, what a room MP has for lightweights.
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    Hilliard Darby

    Agreed 100%. My message to Central Ohio coaches would be to put all egos and/or agendas aside and open up your rooms, take the leash off and stop being provincial trying to protect your kids or worry that another coach will get in their ear. Encourage them to train with and build off each...
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    Hilliard Darby

    I believe DC only loses 120 & 215, two placers, but I know they will reload. Should be a nice battle for years to come!
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    Hilliard Darby

    So cool! Lifetime memories!
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    Hilliard Darby

    As always a great tournament capped off by a great team race between OL and DC. Two great programs, with a lot of mutual respect. There are great dual teams, there are great tournament teams, and there are just great teams. DC is all three! They have a couple of big names for sure, but this...