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  1. tennman

    St. Edward 2023-24

    You are able to compete 3 years, there are a few 3x Jr high champs.... I think Cole skinner was the last
  2. tennman

    2023 Boro Fan Almanac

    Silly comment, what did Cooper say or do wrong? Good kid wrestles hard, did you achieve as many accolades as Coop in high school?? If not ask Max if you can wear his hardware!
  3. tennman

    2023 Boro Fan Almanac

    You're the man Billy
  4. tennman

    Legacy christian

    Begley = top position killer! I know one of his old college teammates and there was a huge event maybe Nationals in Begley was down 11 going into the 3rd, he picked top and teched the kid, very high level kid at that
  5. tennman

    Weigh outs

    To be changed, I guess the same reason you get on every thread you don't agree with and complain/disagree.... what yappi's for. My son lost by 5, may have not changed anything may have. Not sure if you wrestled or not but 10 lbs at a light weight is a big difference on top of that there is a...
  6. tennman

    Weigh outs

    Wrestler checked weight at weigh out time, was 10+ over, told multiple other wrestlers in his bracket Infront of plenty of people (wasn't being shy or quite about it) that he already knew he was way over. Forfeited his remaining matches, not sure the official reason he gave. I under everyone can...
  7. tennman

    Weigh outs

    The wrestler got on the scale, and was 10+ over in a lighter weight class and said he already knew he wasn't going to be close then forfeited out (his words)
  8. tennman

    Weigh outs

    What I'm saying is flawed is the kid had no intention on making weight, they have their match one of them is controlling his weight because it's not weigh outs yet, the other one is 10 plus pounds heavy in a lighter weight class.
  9. tennman

    Weigh outs

    Never said it was the reason, said it was a flawed system! Work on your reading skills
  10. tennman

    Weigh outs

    I found out today that a kid my son lost to yesterday in the conso quarters weighed out 10+ lbs over SMH. Seems like a flawed system, he can't continue but what about the kids he wrestled while so heavy.
  11. tennman

    Virginia Beach national Duals May 27-29

    I have two juniors, 129 - Ohio D1 State qualifier district champion 37-1 173 - Ohio D1 State qualifier (4th at districts) 36-8
  12. tennman

    Disney duals

    June 21-25
  13. tennman

    Disney duals

    I have two wrestlers wanting to go to Disney together. 126 Ohio DI wrestler 37-1 district champ 132 Indiana wrestler 46-4 state qualifier
  14. tennman

    Ticket issues

    My wife ordered 5 tickets through Ticketmaster a few hours ago and still no confirmation number....anyone have any issues or advice?
  15. tennman

    State pairing

    Pairings are out
  16. tennman

    Kettering district discussion

    Yeah I wasn't sure how to spell his last name but that was a big surprise to me
  17. tennman

    Kettering Fairmont District Predications

    Billy (borofan) did a really good job on his predictions. Got 10 of 14 champs correct and 2 other of his projected champs were runner up
  18. tennman

    Kettering district discussion

    A lot of great wrestling, hats off to Fred and Springboro! Johnstone 126 not making the podium after placing 4th at state last year shows that weight class was pretty deep. Brock and Cottrell 138 was a fun match Oak hills 190 is the real deal! Miamisburg and Moeller hw are very good and mobile
  19. tennman

    D.1 District Upsets

    Kettering; Johnstone 126 lost in ot Walker 215 got pinned