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  1. Yappi

    Scrimmage Results (2023)

    Tallmadge played two varsity teams tonight. The Varsity played Strongsville and the JV played Southeast. Tallmadge 12, Strongsville 0 Tallmadge JV 2, Southeast Varsity 2
  2. Yappi

    2023 Division III & IV Girls Basketball All-Ohio Teams

    2023 Division III Girls Basketball All-Ohio Teams Player of the Year: Corri Vermilya, Loudonville Coach of the Year: Denny Shrock, Doylestown Chippewa First Team: Reagan Vinskovich, Belmont Union Local, , 6-2, sr., 22.4 (points per game); Torre Kildow, Belmont Union Local, 6-1, sr., 16.6...
  3. Yappi

    Conference Website

    If I remember right, Cleveland Senate had some football games on JoeEitel that were listed as "W" or "L" for a few days before he could get the actual score of the game. That is frustrating that scores are so difficult to find.
  4. Yappi


    Honestly, I've heard the stories but know nothing about Fentanyl as a street drug. Is it only an additive to other drugs or is it a standalone drug being sold on the streets? Everything I've read indicated it is an additive but that appears to be wrong. Also, not around the drug scene at all. I...
  5. Yappi

    OHSAA needs to create new divisional placement

    I think this is where the conversation should start. Who you schedule should matter. There is a way to make the divisions more accurate based on the ability of the schools to field a competitive team. Personally, I would like the OHSAA to devise divisions so that every school wanted to be in...
  6. Yappi

    Patrick Mahomes

    At this point, Mahomes is the best bet to challenge Tom Brady for the GOAT at QB. Obviously still a long ways away from catching Brady. My question is where does Mahomes rank right now if he chose to retire? What QB would he be most similar to in regard to reputation (based on success, not...
  7. Yappi

    Convoy Crestview vs Richmond Heights Updates 3/18 (DIV Championship)

    I think 100% of leagues in all sports prefer close, competitive championship games.
  8. Yappi

    Global Warming

    Just curious how many local laws have been enacted to prevent people from building or upgrading their homes on a shoreline? With the certainty (in some people's minds) of rising oceans, no one should be able to build on any beachfront property anywhere.
  9. Yappi

    Convoy Crestview vs Richmond Heights Updates 3/18 (DIV Championship)

    People lose interest. Close games are better for the casual fan.
  10. Yappi

    Hoban vs Pickerington Central Updates 3/18 (DI Championship)

    Hoban pulling away. Does PC have a run left in them?
  11. Yappi

    OHSAA needs to create new divisional placement

    It's not about just recruiting. There are plenty of people passing quality schools in order to go to a powerhouse in their specific sport. The school "recruits itself". We live in a highly mobile society. School enrollment no longer is highly relevant for the ability to field a successful team.
  12. Yappi

    Warren Champion Flashes 2023 Softball Preview

    Warren Champion Flashes Head Coach: Cheryl Weaver Years Head Coach (current school): 24 Record (current school): 473-114-3 Years Head Coach (overall): 24 Record (overall): 473-114-3 Assistant Coaches: Jaclyn Carpenter Tammy Fife Record last season: 11-3 Tied for League Champ / 14-4 League...
  13. Yappi

    Mount Vernon Yellow Jackets 2023 Softball Preview

    Mount Vernon Yellow Jackets Head Coach: Ryan Pentz Years Head Coach (current school): 3 Record (current school): 41-15 Years Head Coach (overall): 3 Record (overall): 41-15 Assistant Coaches: Mike Fuller Andy Bryant Ashley Hagelhuff Jeff Mizer Cody Rolland Record last season: 9-3 / 17-10...
  14. Yappi

    Bloom Carroll Bulldogs 2023 Softball Preview

    Bloom Carroll Bulldogs Head Coach: Chris Lucas Years Head Coach (current school): 1 Record (current school): 16-8 Years Head Coach (overall): 2 Record (overall): 41-20 Assistant Coaches: Choc Woods Frank Reis Record last season: 12-2 league,16-8 overall League Affiliation: Mid State League...
  15. Yappi

    OHSAA needs to create new divisional placement

    I would like to see that happen this year but I also think that would make things even worse.
  16. Yappi

    OHSAA needs to create new divisional placement

    I'm not really in favor of only 1 division, I just don't ever want to see a DIV champion that could arguably beat the DI champion. It is the antithesis of the reason we have divisions.
  17. Yappi

    Martin RPI

    What is interesting about those numbers is the competitiveness of each division. The higher the division, the more parity we see.
  18. Yappi

    Convoy Crestview vs Richmond Heights Updates 3/18 (DIV Championship)

    I think that can be pinpointed as the starting point of the decline.
  19. Yappi

    Convoy Crestview vs Richmond Heights Updates 3/18 (DIV Championship)

    I don't care who played today and how those teams formed. Having a championship game turn this ugly is bad for OHSAA sports.
  20. Yappi

    OHSAA needs to create new divisional placement

    Enrollment is not a good indicator of competitiveness anymore. The time has come to move away from enrollment-based divisions. I'm perfectly fine with getting rid of all divisions and going with one big tournament. Something needs to change. Sticking to the old way because it is perceived as...