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    Ask the Ref?

    Graduated from an Iowa high school in 1987. We always had to acknowledge the foul was called on us.
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    Ask the Ref?

    Graduated from an Iowa high school in 1987. We had even numbers of home and odd numbers for away jerseys then.
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    It’s Time for a Shot Clock

    Grew up and played in a different state. Graduated in 1987. The next year, my alma mater struggled a bit and lost on the first night of the tournament by the glorious score of 10-7. Missed a game-tying 3-point attempt at the buzzer. From what I heard, lots of people at the game were upset about...
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    Double Round Robin-League Play

    Sandusky Bay Conference Lake Division — double Sandusky Bay Conference Bay Division — double Sandusky Bay Conference River Division — double Northern Buckeye Conference — double Northern 10 Athletic Conference — double Blanchard Valley Conference — single
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    Does anyone else want a dome stadium in Ohio?

    The University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa, has the UNI Dome. It opened in 1976 and has a capacity of 16,234. It's used for football, wrestling, indoor track and softball, as well as several other public events and concerts. It was also home to the college's basketball team until a...
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    Worst Mascots in Ohio

    It's worse when the original nickname is clearly male and they stick "Lady" in front of it. Lady Rams is one example in my area. Are they confused, or making a transition?
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    Top all-time players from Ohio high schools

    Bill Groman at No. 172 graduated from Columbian (Tiffin), not Columbia (Tiffin)
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    4 divisions for track?

    Do you make state a three-day event, with semifinals on the first two days for all four divisions (actually eight, since its boys and girls), or just start earlier and end later under the lights on both days? And if you go three days, is it Thursday through Saturday, or Friday through Sunday...
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    State Meet Schedule

    Sounds good. Also sounds too logical to be correct.
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    Milesplit District Entries

    Update: The meet that wasn't listed on MileSplit has finally been posted to it. Heaven forbid they do that on the first day of the meet, but at least it's there now.
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    Milesplit District Entries

    As a reporter, my paper has noticed that the posting of results were pretty hit or miss. One of our district meets isn't even listed on MileSplit's webpage. Luckily someone sent us a link to a Google Doc with the results. Another meet still only has Day 1 results, and it's now 7:15 p.m. on...
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    2022 Home Runs

    Shea Harper (Jr.), Hopewell-Loudon — 14
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    Alternates placing at State

    2007 Division III 152 pounds Arcadia's Mason True took fifth at district. District runner-up Mitchell Lee of Elmwood was unable to compete at state (skin condition, I think). True got put into the bracket and ended up seventh.
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    Max preps top 25 small town teams

    I remember when I took a job in Fostoria in the mid-1990s after moving from Iowa. Co-workers said I'd love Fostoria because it was a small town and everyone knew everyone. Population at the time was around 14,000. Similar size place in Iowa would have been a good-sized city. Sure, Iowa has big...
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    Congrats to Dee Clay. Covered meets as a sports reporter when he was working them, including the state meet in Dayton when Fostoria's Cory Echelberry set a state meet record in the discus.
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    Ask The Ref?

    I'm a sports reporter and the following happened at a game I covered several years ago. Offense scores a touchdown and a defensive player is flagged for a 15-yard penalty (might have been unsportsmanlike; I can't remember). Scoring team tells official they'll enforce the penalty on the kickoff...