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  1. Elks48

    2 Springfield 3 centerville part 2

    You seem to be quite the prognosticator. Saying Springfield won’t win this year and Centerville will never make it. Can you tell me who’s winning the Super Bowl so I can retire early? Thanks in advance.
  2. Elks48

    2 Springfield 3 centerville part 2

    He was injured in the Beavercreek game.
  3. Elks48

    Region 2 Playoff - GWOC wins!

  4. Elks48

    Huber Heights Wayne @ Fairmont .... Round one

  5. Elks48

    Huber Heights Wayne @ Centerville

    Game winning TD
  6. Elks48

    Springfield at centerville.

    Centerville better clean up the penalties. The last 2 weeks combined, 31 penalties for 292 yards.
  7. Elks48

    Friday Updates (9/16/22)

    Centerville 23 Northmont 6 57.7 2Q
  8. Elks48

    Backyard Battle Alter vs Fairmont

    That was an ugly half of football.
  9. Elks48

    Centerville vs Fairmont

    Terrible all night.
  10. Elks48

    Centerville vs Fairmont

    Elks win 44-42
  11. Elks48

    Centerville vs Fairmont

    42-42 Elks ball 18.5 left
  12. Elks48

    Centerville vs Fairmont

    Worst shooting game of the year for Centerville
  13. Elks48

    Saturday, February 12 Final Scores

    (Sunday) Centerville 85 Huntington Prep WV 72
  14. Elks48

    Friday, February 11 Final Scores

    Centerville 83 Wayne 59
  15. Elks48

    Centerville vs Moeller

    Lol, whatever you say. They live in Centerville, does he have to be born at a hospital in Centerville?
  16. Elks48

    Centerville vs Moeller

  17. Elks48

    Thursday, December 30 Final Scores

    Centerville 53 Wayne 46
  18. Elks48

    Dublin Coffman @ Huber Heights Wayne

    What does the former Trotwood coach have to do with Wayne?
  19. Elks48

    District Finals

    Centerville wins 1-0 in OT