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    Week 12: #5 Brookfield @ #4 Dalton

    I disagree. I was at the game, and really impressed with the speed of No.22. Dalton was playing at a different speed, "off the ball," then JM..."BIG TIME." There offensive lineman were creating a surge like a title wave. This one is going to be a great game. I give Dalton the edge, only because...
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    Youngstown area pick ‘em week 12

    Is the Valley Christian game being played at Boardman again this week, or Campbell?
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    Week 9: Struthers vs Girard

    Jumping on the Wildcat bus(OUCH). Playing with a lot of confidence. Struthers by three 27-24.
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    Steubenville vs. Cardinal Mooney

    Mooney will come ready to play. On a mission after the death of one of their favorite coaches. Mooney in a close one 21-20.
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    Surprises, and Disappointments going into week 9.

    Surprises...Jackson Milton at 6-3(weak wins though they pulled out, but a win is a win.), Struthers, coming on strong after losing their next 3 after the Aquinas game they've been playing solid football.. Boardman, quietly staying in the playoff hunt. Disappointments...Warren Harding, what's the...
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    Norwalk St. Paul's John Livengood 300 wins

    Excellent coach. Get's every "ounce" of his players potential. Congratulations!
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    Niles at Hubbard Week 9

    Hubbard bounces back big 42-14.
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    Time to Retire "Hells Bells" from 3rd Down in Stadiums?

    My apology about spelling sweet wrong. I should have known better. I went to the Jackson Milton game at Atwater against Waterloo and they opened up with Hell's Bells. I thought about this post.
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    Dover (4-3) vs Youngstown Boardman (4-3)

    Boardman finds a way to win this game 21-13. It's a must win for the Spartans also.
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    Week 8: Struthers @ Niles

    Not to be picky? That lineman actually weighs 148 3/4lbs. Just saying...
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    Time to Retire "Hells Bells" from 3rd Down in Stadiums?

    I rather they play...Nazareth..."HAIR OF THE DOG." It's legendary, and every Grandmother in the stadium would stand and dance wildly. Meaning it's a sweat song for everybody...
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    First two weeks of football playoffs to be played on Friday nights this season

    If you think about it? How many games are there on Friday nights, compared to Saturday nights, during the season? Having a Saturday games is stressful for the teams involved. Too many distractions during the day before the big game. I know this as a former coach. I hated Saturday games. However...
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    Week 7 NE8 2-4 Niles @ 6-0 South Range

    Must be talking about Robinson from Fitch. Dude is a Stud...
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    Week 7 NE8 2-4 Niles @ 6-0 South Range

    South Range in this one 42-0. Yeagley calls off the "Pitbulls" at half, and the "Shih Tzus" play the 2nd half.
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    Week 8: Struthers @ Niles

    Struthers playing with a lot of confidence pull this one out big.
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    Hubbard at Girard

    All I can say about this game is... Give Cochran another week to prepare a QB, and he will be much more improved. I should take the Eagles in this one, "BUT"... my gut feeling tells me that Girard will find a way into pulling this one out as the best game of the week. Want Hubbard to win...
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    Valley Christian Eagles (7-0) at Southern Indians (7-0) - EOAC Championship Game

    I agree. Southern is much more disciplined. They have a huge offensive line who can move! I see long drives, eating up the clock, type of game with Southern winning this one by two touchdowns.
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    2022 Open/Unknown Weeks

    There were rumors that Ottawa Hills would travel to Lowellville and play the Rockets. But I guess poor Sebring is going to play this Friday against Lowellville. I hope Coach Mamula plays nice because this is a game where Ballone could very easily break the state TD passing record. Hopefully he...
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    [Open] @ (5-1) Canfield

    No! Casper the Friendly Ghost
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    Jefferson @Struthers

    Trap game written all over this one. Struthers 28-20.