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    Thoughts on the Newton Falls job?

    Is Newton Falls still getting a turf field? Wasn’t there an absurd number of applicants last time? Something around 60?
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    Marlington Dukes Head Coach

    Any updates on this job?
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    Week 7: McKinley vs Lake

    His brother goes to mogadore though?
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    D7 R25 2022

    Freezing cold takes 🥶
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    Ravenna HC

    Anyone hear any updates on this job?
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    Stow- Munroe Falls Head Coach Position

    Southeast is so lucky to keep him. All the guys in the building love him. He’s paid a lot of attention to the youth program and should have HUGE numbers out next year. Southeast looking to reload more than rebuild due to his guidance.
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    Stow- Munroe Falls Head Coach Position

    It sounds like the administration at Stow has really mismanaged this process. Will probably lead to them not getting the best candidate which affects the experiences of literally hundreds of students and thousands in their community. These folks make too much money to botch simple processes...
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    Stow- Munroe Falls Head Coach Position

    Stow would be getting a high quality candidate in Patrick Youel. He completely turned around the Southeast program and has a solid history at multiple stops attracting and keeping good staff. All the staff at southeast loved him and he had many people in the building working for him.
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    West branch coach resigns

    Rumors that their DC is leaving as well.
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    Minerva Applicants

    Rumor is Minerva didn’t even interview the guy. Sought him out and hired him.
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    PTC League

    Look at their schedule the last 5 years or so since their AD took over. It’s crazy how far they’ve traveled/how much they’ve paid to play some inferior opponents.
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    PTC League

    Ravenna Southeast only schedules very weak opponents. Rumor is their AD is very unhappy about having to play Mogadore and JFK now. I think last year (2020) Warren JFK reached out to play them a year early prior to entering the league when everything was shaken up because of covid and they refused.
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    PTC League

    What will happen to this league? Only 5 teams. One of them didn’t play half the opponents (STA) and 3 of the other members (Warren JFK, Ravenna Southeast and Mogadore) split the title. Rumors already swirling that the Ravenna Southeast AD is trying to kick out Warren JFK and the winter...
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    D6 Region 21-Mogadore vs NM Springfield

    Mogadore is no good. Very lucky. They had the easiest draw in the history of the tournament. Their coaches are over-rated. Their players are under-sized. The New Middletown Guerrero’s will win by 40+
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    DIV-V Region 17

    Southeast really struggles against the pass. They also got destroyed by JFK
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    DIV-V Region 17

    Is it just a given that Garaway beats Southeast? Southeast has an offense that’s a carbon copy of Garretsville. I haven’t seen Garaway play this year.
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    Ravenna Southeast vs Warren JFK

    We’re talking about schools and athletic Dept’s that don’t have the funds to provide proper facilities or equipment for kids and you expect NBC quality streaming for games from places like Rootstown and Palmyra? Buy a ticket and go.
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    Ravenna Southeast vs Warren JFK

    If SE head coach loses this one he will push to get JFK out if the league A$AP. He doesn’t want to play more good teams than he has to. JFK 28- SE 7
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    Which school will be the first to look for a new HC?

    Minerva needs a young energetic coach to fix their numbers problem