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    2022-2023 State Rankings

    Ed’s just beat SVSM do you want to retract your observations?
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    2023 St. Edward Football

    I did look back, nobody answered 2 defensive ends leaving, no names to fill 34 sacks, yes rb and tight end accounted for ,as is offensive line and quarterback. Only 2 recievers mentioned? Top jv reciever moved. Also one safety and one corner returning. A team is only as good as it’s weakest...
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    2023 St. Edward Football

    Ed’s has big voids to fill. For starters 34 or so sacks from defensive ends , running back, tight end, and at least 2 recievers. Plus others! Does Ed’s have next man up? Anyone have a complete guess at offensive and defensive roster? Ed’s has the big 3 returning and a great quarterback a beast...
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    2023 St. Edward Football

    Hickman son moved to play for bishop gorman in Vegas, I heard he was sophomore best reciever. If that’s true that could be a big loss, how was other recievers in sophomore class? Hickman played in NFL so son probably had talent. Only 2 recievers returning varsity. Is that a need? How about...
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    12 Highest Rated High School Football Players of the Modern Era

    I’m not buying arch manning just yet, name recognition gave him higher grade IMO
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    Saturday Finals 12/17

    Pretty sure they ditched the orientals team name! I could be wrong
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    2022 St. Edward Football

    When does next years schedule come out? Not easy to schedule games when teams No your back to back state champions and are favored to win it again!
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    Division I State Championship: St. Edward (14-1) vs Springfield (13-1)

    Dude you cry a lot! Went from telling everyone how Springfield was going to beat up Ed’s , to crying how your feelings are hurt, it’s not fair. Dude stop the soy protein, switch to whey protein
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    Division I State Championship: St. Edward (14-1) vs Springfield (13-1)

    Not sure they are replaceable, but offense could should be better, maybe compensate their loss?
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    Way more than you imagine
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    But football in Ohio is played outdoors
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    Other schools manipulate their enrollment as well, keeping just enough kids to stay on the larger size of divisions, but with that said, Glenville should be d-2 not d-4 that’s a two tiered cheating on taxes. But with that said Ginn would want to be D-1 if he was allowed
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    Move in ? Or address given? Just a question
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    Please show me last time either of those 3 schools played the 3 schools you mentioned
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    Saturday Updates (11/26/22)

    Any update on Glenville game?
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    This thread is pure comedy, everyday 30 posts of people bashing each other! Bashing coaches , who might get hired or will never get hired! Pure gold keep up the personal attacks. Makes for great thread Now talk about their sisters and moms
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    Football Season Needs To Start Earlier!!!

    Just one week earlier, would help immensely for basketball
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    Longest 1st Round Bus Rides: 2022 edition

    Dude did some math! And research
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    After making calls number7 did have 2 defensive tds! Like I said before he’s got the intangibles and getting the tape needed for a shot at D-1! You think if he was my son I would have known he had 2 defensive tds. Imagine that complimenting a kid about football on a football forum and getting...