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    Stop it! Now do something to help!

    The results are in and there were some amazing races this year at State. Nothing should be taken away from the kids and/or the coaches for all that they put into their seasons! Big or little schools, there were PR's set, there were blowups and even a few unfortunate DNF's. The joys and...
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    NFHS Rule 8-1-3b Cross-Country Course Layout

    Why even call it cross country? Make every course flat and fast and call it fall track! The meets that I've been to the kids LOVE running through creeks, hay bales, etc.
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    District Opening Heights

    Are the opening heights for pole vault and high jump standard for all districts or can each one choose it's own height? I would have thought that they were standard for everyone. At Mason the boys PV opened at 11 but Ross opened at 10.
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    D1 Districts

    Started looking at some of the Districts in my area to see which one to pay attention to. Is there a deeper/harder district (to get out of) in the state of Ohio than Mason? There seems to be some incredibly fast times across the board on the boys side compared to some of the others in the SW. Is...
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    D1 Indoor State

    While seed times are important who are your event favorites, the upset alerts, and why in either the girls or boys D1 meet?
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    OATCCC Qualifying Meets

    Does anyone know what the criteria is to be a qualifying meet for the Indoor Championships? I don't see the UK meet which is traditionally one of the top meets or newer meets like Mt St Joe's. I would think that if a track is certified that it should count and as long as some of these meets...
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    4:02.55 Nate Mountain

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    James Schmidt - greatest GMC distance performer?

    With Schmidt from Oak Hills winning in 4:12.52, 1:53.58, splitting 49 (4x4 win) and 1:54 (4x8) would that make his performance the greatest ever in the GMC Championship meet by a distance runners? Yes, Horter ran a faster 1600m (4:07.52) and 800 (1:54.56) but not sure of/if his splits in the...
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    Bizzarri Mile

    How many boys break 4:10 and who wins? - I pick 4 guys to break 4:10 Edwards, Larry Josh 4:10.02 University High Carney, Sean 4:12.00h Hil. Darby Moore, Nathan 4:15.18 Union. Lake Bell, Kiefer 4:15.23 Talawanda Schmidt, James 4:16.03 Oak Hills Zegarski, William...