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    2022 All Northeast (Inland) District Football Teams

    I know that the Dix newspapers were bought out by Gannett, so that would include the Ashland, Wooster, Alliance, and Ravenna newspapers. I also think the Canton Repository was bought by them as well.
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    2022 All Northeast (Inland) District Football Teams

    I think most of this area's papers have been bought out by Gannett. They have decimated the sports departments and the kids (and a lack of games being reported on due to the position cuts) suffer.
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    2022 All Northeast (Inland) District Football Teams

    Interesting that the Mr. Football finalists have been released, but this has not.
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    Longest 1st Round Bus Rides: 2022 edition

    If anyone takes this thread too seriously, remember that Terry Francona said last week that he would jog to New York to be in the playoffs. The Route 30 corridor always seems to be the cut for the North/South portions of the regions and as a result usually will be the teams with the long bus...
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    It used to be that if a game was cancelled it was due to an extreme event, such as a player/coach death. Since Covid, it seems like cancellations are happening more and more. Sadly, I see what you are saying as something that will continue because of the loophole and I do think you are right...
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    WCAL Football 2022

    Back in the 20s Rittman, Dalton, Doylestown, and Apple Creek had football and the winner of that small league is who would be listed as the champion. Apple Creek didn’t make it out of the 20s with football. These were listed as champions in the book History of Wayne County Football, which is...
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    The PAC 7 and the NFL

    CVCA had Blake? Butler playing on the line when Culver was there. Went to Memphis (at least signed there). Dad was Keith Butler, who was coaching for the Browns at the time and went on to be the defensive coordinator for the Steelers.
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    Canfield Basketball Coach Non-Renewed

    Canfield has always seemed to have a decent reputation in sports. The community needs to watch what it does. Seems like right now all it takes is a parent or two to run to the athletic director and he doesn't say no to the parents. It is tough to keep an athletic department in good standing...
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    The PAC 7 and the NFL

    Tuslaw had Ryan Travis? as at least a preseason guy with the Seahawks. He may have ended up on a practice squad to at some point. Manchester's coach Jay Brophy started in Super Bowl XIX for the Dolphins. I know you are calling it the PAC-7, but alot of these schools could refer back to the...
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    Ak.Ellet job open

    I would imagine that Cardinal is out. He just took the Northwestern job.
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    Head Coach Openings

    The OHSAA needs to accept some responsibility for this. The thought process of an unlimited summer in 2020 due to the COVID lockdown was understandable. However, that should have been a one time thing and not been continued in the summer of 2021. Unfortunately, coaches must "Keep up with the...
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    LaBrae head coaching job

    Not I, although the new poster thing will always throw people off. I just know a few people from that area and have an interest in schools where there are people I know personally.
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    LaBrae head coaching job

    If I were Labrae, I would first ask the high school prinicpal.
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    Only A Small Number

    I have a hard time believing that there are only 4. I searched 5 schools and 4 of them were not on the list. I can't believe that I was able to guess that many right off the top of my head.