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    Division IV Region 16

    Nice Job by Massie tonight. They actually beat 2 teams tonight….Urbana and the officials…..seen a lot of HS football and that may have been one of the worst officiated games I have seen at the HS level. I really hope that OHSAA reviews this crew and really thinks hard before allowing them to...
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    Sweet Retribution, Millenium Falcon

    To The Top. I would just like to keep on trolling the troll.
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    Eaton HS vs Bishop Fenwick

    Same old same old with Fenwick….start out in August with high hopes and lots of hype and then the going gets tough, the tough get going, and Fenwick rolls out the roundball. I wanted nothing more than to get the opportunity to see Massie play them again in the playoffs. 10 inch and that...
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    Division IV Region 16

    This Massie team is just starting to peak at the right time. Getting noticeably better each week. Beat Unioto with relative ease. Really liking the Defense…got some dogs on that unit that are starting to eat!!
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    Week 1: Clinton Massie (0-0) @ Waynesville (0-0)

    Disagree……Listen, when your Offensive line cannot stop A Gap penetration…which is something Massie OLine are taught from 3rd grade….you have a problem. I’ll give it to you…..this backfield is not Vanhoose, Frank, Trampler, and Zantene…..not many ever will be. But…that’s why we run the wishbone...
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    Week 1: Clinton Massie (0-0) @ Waynesville (0-0)

    Been a lot of talk about Massie’s offensive line leading up to this season. Highly touted. Best line ever. They were the weak link against Waynesville. You will not win football games when you can’t fill block or keep the D line from penetrating. You cannot win games when you kill drives...
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    Moeller vs. Massillon predictions

    Anyone know anything about the starting QB at Moeller this year?
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    D4 Region 16

    Been some hungry chained up dogs over on Lebanon Rd. Going to be fun to see what happens when McSurley unleashes them from their chains.
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    Clinton Massie 2022

    Without knowing much about the two guys from Dayton and Cincy and having some familiarity with the AD from EC. The EC guy seems like the natural fit. Don't see the transition for the guy from Dayton Christian being easy. Totally different type of kids at Massie compared to Dayton Christian...
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    Clinton Massie 2022

    It is a tall task for sure.....but not impossible. Massie is a large district geographically...stretches into Warren and Clinton County. Heavy influence in Wilmington. I would imagine it will definitely need some big business/corporate help and will also need help from alumni and community...
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    Clinton Massie 2022

    No one ever thought they could ever win a State Championship either. Got to believe it can happen first. Don’t doubt this Community.
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    OHSFCA Top 25 playoff teams & trivia

    What State Championship Team/s had a FB as the leading rusher in the State Championship game?
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    Is SWBL expanding and adding Wilmington and Clinton Massie?

    BS. It was a lame attempt by someone who didn't know that they didn't know what straw stirs the drink at Clinton-Massie. There have been a few closet "haters" of Coach McSurely over the years that quickly found out how much support he has from the community. For a long time there was a clique...
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    Division IV State Championship: Clarksville Clinton-Massie (13-1) vs. Youngstown Ursuline (11-3)

    You could not have scripted it better for this Senior Class of Massie Football players. To see them win it in the manner they won it and to win it on a bootleg play that was basically kept in the OC’s back pocket all year…..and then to Win the game on an option play…..It will never be...
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    Division IV State Championship: Clarksville Clinton-Massie (13-1) vs. Youngstown Ursuline (11-3)

    Three keys to the game in my opinion for Massie. #1. No turnovers by Massie. #2. Limit the big plays by Ursuline. Make them earn each score. #3. Massie special teams allows no scores. If Massie can take care of those 3 things I see them coming out on top. Ursuline looks very similar to the...
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    Division IV State Semifinal: Bloom-Carroll (14-0) vs. Clinton-Massie (12-1)

    You are right. IMO….Massie has yet to play to their full potential and that excites me because I see it happening next week and bringing home a 3rd Title to Clarksville!!! This group of boys have been on a mission since 3rd grade and are going to be tough to beat when they put it all together.
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    Division IV State Semifinal: Bloom-Carroll (14-0) vs. Clinton-Massie (12-1)

    Good game. Similar to last week vs McNick. Game should not have been as close as it was. Massie Defense was better in my opinion as well. Take away uncharacteristic fumbles by Massie and the KO return by BC to open tha game and Massie wins by 3 TD’s. That’s what is kind scary if your...
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    Division IV State Semifinal: Bloom-Carroll (14-0) vs. Clinton-Massie (12-1)

    We will find out tomorrow night. This game will be won in deep water. We will see who is comfortable going to the deep end.
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    Clinton-Massie v McNick Region 16 Final

    Gutsy effort by both teams. This may not be very popular but this game was a few plays away from being a Massie blowout. Early in the first half McNick was very close to going down by three TD’s. For them to prevent that from happening and to literally come within inches of victory is a...