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    2023 Wilmington Div II District Ranking

    Supposed to be 2 Central sectionals this year. Might have the option to select a sectional / districts or they realign the WCH sectional back to Wilmington district.
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    post-season representation (sectional/district) update

    Depending on how the Central Sectionals are drawn, but top teams in that secitonal to the SW last year, made for a tough district.
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    First Set of Rankings for the 2022-23 Season

    Back to thread, back to thread....
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    SPG Wrestling Coach Steps Down

    But does any of their Dad's coach. Just asking for a friend.
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    SPG Wrestling Coach Steps Down

    Not all of their 'fire power' participates in OAC, but is definitely going to make for a competitive team & state series.
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    Wait till member One Weight starts his thread. Talk about watered down.
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    Division aligning

    Two Divisions had a very compelling argument.
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    Can't believe this thread is still getting "new " posts. By the way, I still have final tickets available.
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    Best Ohio wrestler to never win a state title?

    Kagan Squire, Wadsworth (2,3,3,2)
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    Final Enrollment Numbers are up

    Look for an uptick to the soccer program....
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    Final Enrollment Numbers are up

    Looking at this years total state qualifier teams to teams with 1 participant - teams with >=5 participants: D1. 88 - 44 - 13. D2. 98 - 43 - 10. D3. 102 - 49 - 9. Again, seems closer given the "entry grid" numbers.
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    OHSAA, drop D3

    Didn't you leave? Or was that leaving?
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    OHSAA, drop D3

    Top 8 in each division in a 24 man tournament wouldn't be sweeps for D1, so probably pretty good as is. IMO
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    2022 NCAA Pick'Em

    At least the format was correct. Just missed on the 'cut & paste' part.
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    2022 NCAA Pick'Em

    125lbs. 8 Patrick McKee, MINN, 20-7 133lbs. 5 Austin DeSanto, IOWA, 15-3 141lbs. 6 Cole Matthews, PITT, 17-2 149lbs. 4 Sammy Sasso, OHST, 21-2 157lbs. 2 Ryan Deakin, NW, 13-0 165lbs. 3 Alex Marinelli, IOWA, 20-1 174lbs. 9 Mikey Labriola, NEB, 20-4 184lbs. 7 Kaleb Romero, OHST, 13-3 197lbs. 12...
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    Tickets State

    Session 5. (SF / 4 tickets). Sec 305, Row N, Seat 4 - 7 PM me
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    Licking Valley Sectional

    Not a mathematician, but 6 "Athletic District" (per OHSAA) going into 4 actual state tournament districts.......someone is traveling. A few years ago they sent teams from the SW to the NW. First year was by map, which put SPG in an already pretty good district. The following year it was by...
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    District Alternate "IN" thread

    II 150.lbs @ Wilmington: out Jacks / Graham in Walter / Kenton Ridge
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    2022 B10 Pick'Em

    125 lbs. 8. Patrick McKee (MINN) 133 lbs. 7. Chis Cannon (NU) 141 lbs. 2. Jaydin Eierman (IOWA) 149 lbs. 6. Mike Van Brill (RU) 157 lbs. 5. Peyton Robb (NEB) 165 lbs. 10. Creighton Edsell (PSU) 174 lbs. 4. Michael Kemerer (IOWA) 184 lbs. 3. Kaleb Romero (OSU) 197 lbs. 9. Gavin Hoffman (OSU) 285...
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    Best Wrestler to not make states

    Returning State champ & Super 32 champ T. Armstrong for Graham, couldn't break the starting lineup his junior year.