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    ten playoff teams on the schedule

    I just noticed something interesting about Olentangy Liberty. They played ten games in the regular season. Everybody made the playoffs. Obviously, this is much easier with the expanded playoffs. How many times did this happen this year? What about last year...
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    Who doesn't have lights?

    Nelson Field at Bellaire is one stadium that doesn't have lights. They've always played on Saturday afternoon. Who else doesn't have lights?
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    Super Bowl at a truly neutral site

    Has the NFL ever considered having the Super Bowl at a site that isn't close to anyone's home field? There are certainly some big stadiums that are not close to any NFL team. Here are some possibilities: Legion Field in Birmingham Jordan-Hare Stadium at Auburn Ohio Stadium in Columbus Trans...
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    getting revenge twice in the playoffs

    Cincinnati WInton Woods beat two teams in the playoffs after losing to both of them in the regular season. This was Cincinnati LaSalle and Kings Mills Kings. How many teams have gotten revenge twice in the playoffs over the years? Has anyone gotten revenge three times?
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    best improvement in second game

    What is the best improvement that we have seen from a regular-season matchup to a playoff matchup? In the regular season, Liberty Center lost to Archbold 41-7. They won in the playoffs 38-35. They went from -34 to +3. That is an improvement of 37 points. Has there ever been a bigger swing than...
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    searching for old threads

    I'm sorry that this isn't necessarily a football topic. I am looking for a thread I started several years ago. It looks like the search feature here doesn't go back more than six months. Is there any other way to search way back, like four or five years ago? I suppose I could use an outside...
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    How does OHSAA break a tie between winless teams?

    Thanks to the last two idiotic playoff expansions (2013 and 2021) by OHSAA, there is now an interesting situation in D1 R1. There are two winless teams tied for the 16th spot. How does OHSAA plan on breaking this tie if both teams finish the season winless? That means no points on any level...
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    Two straight years with no Canada games

    There is one great thing to come out of recent events. During this year and last year, there have been no games in Ohio against Canadian schools. Let's hope this trend continues, even when the borders are completely open again.
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    scans of past Harbin ratings

    On the old JJ Huddle site, there were uploads of all the past Harbin ratings. Someone had scanned in all the ratings from print outs. Here is a link to the scan of 1992: There were scans for all of them going back to 1972. Those scans...
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    searching for very old posts

    How do you search for very old posts on here? I have been posting back to 2015 or earlier. I just tried to look for one of my first posts here. The search didn't find it. It seems that search doesn't find anything more than a year old.