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    springfield v miamisburg

    how did a large favorite lose this game? ohioriverrat isn't even eating his crow. lol.......not surprised jtk ()
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    journey to the tourney

    anyone know where i can find the schedule? just heard it was nov 27 and 28 at sycamore high school? jtk ()
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    2021 Cincinnati Bengals

    any thoughts, predictions, etc. we've seen a fairly productive offseason, joe is healing well and the defense should be improved. the OL is still a train wreck, but hey, they think they've improved there which isn't hard if hart never sees the field. i heard some clown on the radio who said...
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    what happened at hughes?

    i thought satterfield was the coach? not sure if i missed something but just read on that he isn't? jtk ()
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    McMillan headed to hillcrest prep in arizona

    did they also hire his dad? jtk ()