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  1. Irwin20

    No Band No Football

    Another reason to slam on Catholic privates.
  2. Irwin20

    No Band No Football

    This is a silly topic. I don’t know about all the GCL Coed teams but there are bands at Alter and McNick that I’m aware of. Alters band is very big (at least last season) and McNick has maybe 15 most years. McNicholas band director I’m sure welcomes anyone but there just isn’t much interest. As...
  3. Irwin20

    GCL co/ed 2022

    I’ve been out west for meetings all week so haven’t had much time or to say much since Alter took it to the Rockets las week. Fenwick was very physical and much bigger then McNick across both lines. Fenwick has to work on their passing game to be a really complete team. I’m just guessing but I’d...
  4. Irwin20

    5-1 Bishop Fenwick Vs 3-3 Archibishop McNicholas

    McNick 21 Fenwick 14 Final
  5. Irwin20

    5-1 Bishop Fenwick Vs 3-3 Archibishop McNicholas

    Fenwick 7 McNick 3 Halftime
  6. Irwin20

    The Vaccine is Effective

    From Berenson: Question: Which disease or injury now kills more people than Covid? A) Stomach cancer. B) Falls. C) Traffic accidents. D) Tuberculosis. Trick question. The answer is E) All of the above, according to World Health Organization data on the leading causes of death in 2019...
  7. Irwin20

    Democratic violent city updates

    5 people stole a car in Clifton (UC Campus) ran thru a crosswalk where students were crossing, struck several and an 18 year old Freshmen young lady is dead. Crashed the car soon after and fled. Bunch of BS.
  8. Irwin20

    Biden Continues To Make A Fool Of Himself

    Must be something in the water in the WH. Kamala giving a rambling speech in South Korea lauds the United States close relationship with the Democratic Republic of North Korea. Vice President Kamala Harris made an unfortunate gaffe during her speech at the Korean Peninsula's Demilitarized Zone...
  9. Irwin20

    2022 Battle for control of U. S. Senate

    Oz is closing in on Fetterman as people in Pa. Start paying attention. 45-41 Fetterman. That 4-point edge is within the poll’s margin of sampling error, and down from an 11-point advantage in late July. It is notable neither candidate receives majority support.
  10. Irwin20

    Biden Continues To Make A Fool Of Himself

    Joe is lucky there’s a hurricane slamming Florida. Coverage of his latest gaffe will be minimal and not at all on the Lib networks.
  11. Irwin20

    New York AG files lawsuit against Trump and his children for fraud

    He didn’t know you were going to actually access the document.😉
  12. Irwin20

    GCL co/ed 2022

    I don’t believe he played much after Q1 so I assumed he was injured. His right ankle has been heavily taped the last couple games I’ve seen so That’s probably the issue.
  13. Irwin20

    What are you watching?

    DART, Asteroid Impact Live on Discovery Channel
  14. Irwin20

    Biden raked in 81 Million Votes - Worse Approval Rating Ever - Where's the 81 ?

    Joes approval dips to 39% in latest ABC/ Washington Post poll. So much for the upswing that Dems were talking about just last week.
  15. Irwin20

    Most Democrats Say Ditch Biden as Nominee in Post-ABC Poll

    Joe has a 39% approval rating according to todays ABC/Washington Post poll. So much for the gradual uptick some on here were pointing to just last week.
  16. Irwin20

    Hilliard public schools reach a new low.

    My wife is a VP at a Northern KY elementary school. I’ve asked her about this. She says she hasn’t seen any curriculum with this content yet but is aware it’s available. Her school has an interesting mix of Muslim, African, Latin American etc families and many kids where English is rarely...
  17. Irwin20

    Gavin Newsom 2024!!!

    Liz Warren? Lol
  18. Irwin20

    100,000 cases of coronavirus already in Ohio

    I may. I hadn’t been to any doctor office in at least 2 years so I just went shopping from my providers list.
  19. Irwin20

    New York AG files lawsuit against Trump and his children for fraud

    That’s what I don’t get. If the property was overvalued didn’t that cost Trump more in property taxes ..etc.?
  20. Irwin20

    GCL co/ed 2022

    Alter brought it tonite at McNick. They played a well coached, well disciplined game. Rockets run defense has been an issue all season so I wasn’t surprised. I had to leave a little after halftime so didn’t see the final score.