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    2022 FS Men World Championship seeds

    He lost in OT in the blood round so I'd argue that he was close to being an AA, but his last win was an injury default over Eierman so I'd also say that was somewhat of a gimme.
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    OLY & World Medals (65kg, where are you?)

    Tervel Dlagnev got an OLY Bronze in 2012 after other athletes tested positive for PEDs.
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    OLY & World Medals (65kg, where are you?)

    Coleman Scott got an OLY Bronze in 2012.
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    USA Men. Ziolkowski Memorial Tournament. Poland

    I was surprised as well, but hey, at least Hawkeye WC is sending more guys to senior international events now.
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    St. Ed's Zach Delsanter to attend:

    Same - it says that username joined in 2011, which means he would've been roughly 6 years old at the time! In any case, congrats on the commitment!
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    2022 US Men's Senior Open Seeds.

    I knew countries have to qualify for the Olympics because there are limited spots, but I didn't realize countries had to qualify for the World Championships? There have been some years where some weights at worlds have round of 64 matches so I didn't think there was a limit on number of countries.
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    Wick was at Cal Poly this season, so not Big Ten, but 4th-7th from one conference is still impressive.
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    NCWA All-Americans from Ohio Schools

    I'm sure this will get lost in the shuffle of the NCAA discussions, but I wanted to put this out there as I have most years. The student-athletes and coaches in this league do it purely for the love of the sport, as there are no scholarships or coaches salaries and teams get very minimal...
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    St. Edward 2022-23

    This probably belongs in a thread of its own, but I agree that it is a widespread problem not specific to just one team. The following was from "Nick's Quick Sticks" in 2017, and it stuck out to me so much that I had copied it to a Word doc and saved it: I can't tell you how many times one of...
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    D3 113 semifinals

    Oh geez; sorry that you didn't get the call!
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    D3 113 semifinals

    Which college match are you alluding to?
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    2022 NCAA Pick'Em

    125lbs. 8 Patrick McKee, MINN, 20-7 133lbs. 5 Austin DeSanto, IOWA, 15-3 141lbs. 9 Allan Hart, MIZZ, 15-5 149lbs. 1 Yianni Diakomihalis, COR, 23-0 157lbs. 4 Ed Scott, NCST, 22-1 165lbs. 2 Keegan O`Toole, MIZZ, 20-0 174lbs. 10 Clay Lautt, UNC, 15-5 184lbs. 6 Trey Munoz, ORST, 20-3 197lbs. 7 Rocky...
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    Horrible call by ref at D3 Troy district

    Thanks for sharing. The article comes up but for some reason the space where the video would be is blank. Everything else on Flo seems to be working for me at the moment, so I'm not sure why this video isn't.
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    Toughest weight class across Divisions?

    No worries; it's all good now. I appreciate you apologizing - not everyone would take the time to do that.