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    Game Match-Up You'd like to see

    Massillon vs Steubenville
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    Massillon Washington at Warren Harding—-9-10-21

    Warren away is one of the most fun games there is. I’m 34 so my first memories of Warren are Super Mario Manningham and crew ripping my heart out. Those were some of the best crowds I’ve ever seen in person. For what it’s worth I’m a Mocha House guy when I’m in Warren. Best dessert anywhere.
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    Massillon Washington at Warren Harding—-9-10-21

    Secondary has to play better.
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    Top RBs (Week 3)

    Wiltrell Hartson 28 for 223 2TD’s.
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    Week 3 Reynoldsburg (0-2) @ Massillon (1-1)

    I really liked seeing Maverick Clark out there on D. This sophomore class is going to be special.
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    Week 3 Reynoldsburg (0-2) @ Massillon (1-1)

    I wouldn’t begin to pretend I know anything about Reynoldsburg. Tigers have a lot of promise. I’m looking forward to the game. Go Tigers!
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    Glenoak (1-0) @ Massillon (0-1) PART 2

    I know a few kids on the team and they’re both very excited about both QB’s. Let’s see how this all plays out and support them both. I was very encouraged watching McElroy settle in during the second half. I think he has a very big week this week. Confidence goes a long way.
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    Bergen Catholic NJ at Hoban on 8/27

    Hoban is exactly that.
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    Glenoak (1-0) @ Massillon (0-1) PART 2

    Getting Lee back next week will help.
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    Ohio Football is becoming irrelevant.

    Massillon beat East St. Louis in 2018. I would really have liked to see last years Hoban team play whoever they played tonight. That team was elite.
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    Massillon Washington (Division II) vs Pickingerington Central (Division I) Who's going to win this one??

    That’s a really good football team. A lot to learn from and improve on. Hats off to the coaching staff for picking this game rather than pounding a team of scrubs. Weaknesses were exposed and we saw the standard we need to strive towards. Good luck going forward Central you guys are the real deal.
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    Pick Central @ Massillon Week 1

    He’s one of the best to ever put on the orange and black and one of the most outstanding men in the city. I’m not gonna out him though.
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    Pick Central @ Massillon Week 1

    Hats off to Coach Moore for scheduling a monster game week 1. Sure beating the pants off an inferior opponent and blasting off fireworks week one is fun. This though builds the program.
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    Pick Central @ Massillon Week 1

    What a world we live in. Complain about a coaching staff that’s won four straight regional titles. What was the last pubic school we lost to? Winton Woods 4 years ago?
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    2021 Steubenville Big Red

    Hopefully a strong class coming up means a home and home with Massillon. There is nothing like Tigers vs Big Red.