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    I recall a Fox 8 spotlight on the OL that year, where it showed that they would have been among some of the top P5 College teams in terms of size. Just a dominant force overall.
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    Tim's top 20 in Cincinnati

    Glad to see Colerain isn't on here. Talk about a media-darling that rarely lives up to the hype.
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    First time back on the forums in a while - hope everyone had a great off-season! Does anyone know which way we voted in the OHSAA NIL vote back awhile ago? It would have been neat to see some Bengals doing Original Mattress Factory TV ads.
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    Region 1 Championship: St. Edward (12-1) vs. Medina (13-0)

    Was at the game last night and had a great time. I was expecting a bit closer of a score, but it was an entertaining game up until the end of the third quarter when Ed's tried to go for the 2-pt conversion to start the running clock (thank you, Coach Lombardo, for trying to get us all home and...
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    Hoban's Tim Tyrrell to the University of Akron?

    If I'm Tyrell - I don't really care about a few more state championships if I can sign a contract for a few million that includes a buyout so another Arth situation doesn't happen to me.
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    Benedictine 2021

    Thanks, coach - I'll make sure Coach Goode sees this.
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    Benedictine 2021

    If Brecksville did not have #25 playing both ways, the score would have been 50-0. Yes, they are bad, but the Bengals took care of business and did not take any unneeded risks.
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    Benedictine 2021

    Any opinions on Cathedral Prep? They recently lost to McDowell - who barely beat Lake....Am I reaching too far with transitive law here trying to draw a comparison?
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    Benedictine 2021

    Seems like the Bengals left some points on the field this week. Any predictions for Brecksville game? Hudson really did them dirty, so maybe the Bees will be extra motivated for some revenge after the playoff loss two years ago.
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    St. Edward (4-0) @ Massillon (3-1)

    Eagles, what players have the most D1 offers or younger guys with potential for offers this year?
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    Benedictine 2021

    One thing I love on Saturday mornings before watching the Buckeyes is going over to Joeeitel, clicking on our region, and seeing Benedictine on top while I sip my coffee. Congrats to coach Goode and the team on the 4-0 start. As much as "bye" weeks stink and can mess up the flow, I think these...
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    Friday Updates (Week 4)

    Benedictine - 24 Hartley - 14 @ Half
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    Friday Updates (Week 4)

    Benedictine - 17 Hartley - 0 6 min left in 2nd Qtr
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    Benedictine 2021

    The conference made solely to kick us and Hoban out, right? :banana:
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    Benedictine 2021

    I'm not as plugged in as I used to be, but the feeling I always get is that the Bengals gain nothing by playing them (at least in football). CCC had a good team back in 2013 and we beat them on a last second kick return. Since then, they have not been so good. They play a lot of D4-D6 type...