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    Mahoning Valley Area Talent 2022

    Great stuff Worm...thanks for sharing!
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    OHSAA Pushing Vaccinations And Mask Use For 2021

    smart guy hah?? Did I mention one thing about racial percentages?? I am talking about percentage of state population vaccinated and thus I will show you that I am not MISINFORMED Of the 15 states that have the highest rates ALL of them were states that Biden won of the 15 states...
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    OHSAA Pushing Vaccinations And Mask Use For 2021

    I guess I should ask Smarty....where are these locations? you seem to have a good read on it, why is it such a secret? Can't you just tell me? I promise I will believe it. I have tried a bit of research on my own, but in the end, just better to put it out to the public so we can all be on...
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    OHSAA Pushing Vaccinations And Mask Use For 2021

    I would agree, but also add delusional, misinformed and maybe downright ludicrous! Go ahead and look at all the states and areas that have the lowest vaccination rates and tell me that they are not OVERWHELMINGLY areas that voted for republicans or states won by the MADMAN or are under...
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    Beachwood and St.Thomas cancelling seasons?

    So what you are saying is that Crestwood were the ones to cancel that game? Why on earth would they drop the game if they weren't sure that Beachwood wasn't fielding a team?
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    Any teams that will fall off or Improve greatly in 2021

    well it won't take long to find out as Wheelersburg @ Ironton in week one. Might be good timing for the Pirates to pull one off here?
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    2021 Summit County Viking Memorial Pick 'em

    Thanks again Griswold for putting this together!
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    Cardinal huskies football

    Does Cardinal have a coach in place for the coming season? I hope they are starting to work on a plan on how they going to stop the steamroller that is going to coming to town on August 20th
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    Beachwood and St.Thomas cancelling seasons?

    Just wondering how/who was able to edit the title of this thread to say "answer:no"? It would be nice to have an explanation by that person
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    Beachwood and St.Thomas cancelling seasons?

    nothing official yet I suppose, but this would leave some teams scrambling to fill open dates. Could be possible that those 2 teams losing that week could create some interesting match-ups. possibles Week1 Struthers/Orange 2 Danville/John Marshall 3...
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    Portage county league revisited

    Might as well throw Crestwood right there in the same class, can't remember how long it has been since they have passed one....enrollment seems to be dropping like a stone, school is falling apart at the seams