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    Players accused of putting crossbow to frosh’s head

    The coach needs to step up here as well. This has no place on the team.
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    Bill Bohren wins 300th Game

    Congrats to Bill
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    West Geauga coach suspended for Groupme message.

    I vote for no issues except here. The mirror of society is overflowing with Trumpsters dumping their garbage everywhere. I see athletes today who are bigger, stronger, faster and better than yesterday. Boohoo John Wayne is dead, leading to whining white , Christian, straight tough guys on the...
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    Are you fully vaccinated? Why or why not?

    Got my booster shot yesterday. I’m now watching un vaxxed right wingers dying from virus. Hey, someone has to do it !
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    Cal Preps

    I watched over several years and noticed with a couple of games under their belt they were hitting around 85% accuracy, getting better as the season rolled along. Pay attention to predicted close scores by one or two points - those were toss up games that could go either way and did.
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    West Geauga coach suspended for Groupme message.

    I see two problems - one, the issue of playing time should be discussed in a team meeting and not broadcast over the internet. You are the coach of the players and blasting at parents is always a losing strategy. second, nothing like broadcasting your bigotry. If you don’t like that, keep your...
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    Favorite Season of the Year

    I prefer Spring and Fall. Color from blooms in the Spring or leaves turning colors in the Fall. Temperature is moderate, not too cold nor too hot. Best fishing is in Spring and Fall. Favorite sports start in Spring ( baseball) and Fall ( football). I hate the snow in winter and humidity in...
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    General Milley Should be Charged with Treason

    The cult loves their psycho. You can’t fix stupid
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    Archbishop Moeller @ Ironton

    Moeller by 21 or more. Reality is Ironton isn’t that good and Moeller ain’t that bad. The GCL isn’t a bunch of cupcakes but Ironton is small division SEO.
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    ESPN Blasts Bishop Sycamore

    A little perspective - Bishop Sycamores founder and current director is Andre Peterson who played for Tressel at YSU in the 80s. Shortly before this current fiasco, Sycamores designated starting QB was to be Judah Holtsclaw. However, YSU saw him at a camp in Cincinnati where he was a graduated...
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    Gym Jordan changes his tune

    He is called Gym because he lied about his time at Ohio St while the athletic doctor he knew and was friends with diddled with athletes, many of whom complained to him and he did nothing. As an assistant wrestling coach he was in the gym daily with the athletes and the doctor. It was common...
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    How are politics affecting HS sports?

    It’s well established that today’s Rs/conservatives are at war with even members of their own party as they ID conservative Rs as rinos - not extreme enough. Your description of yourself is not being bought. The reality is an open sewer of QAnon, conspiracy theories nutjobs trying to hide their...
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    How are politics affecting HS sports?

    another utter fool. Today’s R/conservative is at war with liberal Ds Moderate Ds Conservative Ds Liberal independents Moderate indies Conservative indies Liberal Rs Moderate Rs Conservative Rs ( these are rinos according to today’s extreme idiots) No, sir. YOU are the problem. Whacked out, at...
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    How are politics affecting HS sports?

    I figured a racist like yourself would say that. Dad was not a racist and , no, many blacks don’t believe all older , white people are racist. He wouldn’t give your comment any serious consideration. But they have glowing examples like you to look at. My Dad died in the 80s, so he saw the...
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    How are politics affecting HS sports?

    First I’m white , in my 70s and had a father who flew bombers in WWII, was shot down ,had members of his crew killed and spent time in a POW camp. He is rolling over in his grave. Today’s Rs/conservatives are off the charts. Looking to pick a fight everywhere. Many in here identify as those who...