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    Mar-A-Lago raided by the FBI

    Remember, DJT new name to the ilk is Ohen. Because they'll continue to be O and...
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    Canton McKinley at Mentor (Who's going to wi this one ???)

    I picked 7-14 range
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    Avon Lake Shoremen 2022 Football Preview

    Have their QB throw it up, and allow the Receivers go for the jumpball, Ha!
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    Moeller vs. Massillon predictions

    Sincerely, Rocky III Actually, although I think Moeller wins, should be a great game
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    Cleveland. Com top Ohio QBs 2022

    what impressed me about Spencer was how poised he showed. Certainly a great QB
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    Cleveland. Com top Ohio QBs 2022

    Gant, the one who was quoted once opining he thought 3rd and 32 was a "running down", Ha!
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    D3 Region 10

    I'm not sure any could win with that group; MacFarland didn't. He had a talented 2016 and 17 squads and went a combined 9-11 Any better? Slightly. I predict 3-7
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    D7 R25 2022

    Coach started 16-34 in 5 years. I'm glad community/school district showed enough patience to let him see things through
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    Cleveland. Com top Ohio QBs 2022

    Montgomery from Findlay is missing as well. Could be a Class bias as he's just a Sophomore
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    Cleveland. Com top Ohio QBs 2022

    that's not what he indicated. He flirted with a bias of sorts.
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    Cleveland. Com top Ohio QBs 2022

    The QBs listed are from all corners of the State including Holmes who is in NW Ohio. I've seen Holmes. He's electric
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    Shelby attempting to get Kenny Chesney for final game at Skiles Field

    I've never resided in Richland County. But, I'm rooting for Whippets. I have NOL roots going back to Bellevue and Norwalk. I know off topic, and speaking of Bellevue, I'm seriously entertaining that game at new Stadium, Week 3
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    Norwalk Truckers 2022 Football Preview

    I may sound petty but Fox' record at NHS is 25-20 2018 10-4 2019 9-3 2020 5-4 2021 1-9
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    Yappi Sports Wiki - All-Time Season Records, Head Coaches, Playoff Seasons

    why has Bellevue Football been solid all these years? 3 Head Coaches in 70 years. Stability is key