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    2022 VASJ Vikings Football: Official Thread

    Sorry C’Town, but like always the clown show of your fanbase viking4life just can’t help himself. First it was Massillon, now it‘s LC. Look at his comments the past 2 days. He’s unhinged. I said nothing and all of a sudden he calls me out and starts his usual rant about LC. He’s losing it. It’s...
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    2022 VASJ Vikings Football: Official Thread

    Live in your head. LC has been closing for 5 years now according to you. Meanwhile, you have no air conditioning and a school that is falling apart. Good luck in region 9. Expecting another Rotsky investigation for illegal recruiting and another 2nd round loss like last season. Only this year...
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    2022 VASJ Vikings Football: Official Thread

    Chimed? I have said nothing. I live in your head. Any updates to that slum for the students? When is the school going to get air conditioning? Are the bums still hanging around the school entrance asking for change? Some things never change over there on E. 185th and Lakeshore.
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    St Mary’s - Gilmore game

    And you will hear it again this weekend. Go Gilmour!
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    Will all state games be televised,or just championship games ?

    The semi finals for all the girls games was on spectrum channel 314. The semi finals for the boys this weekend will be on channel 314 on Friday and channel 1 on Saturday. All the games Sunday will be shown on channel 1.
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    2022 VASJ Vikings Football: Official Thread

    Saturday, October 15th
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    Any school that is not private. This guy has been whining for years. Just look at his posting history. Good luck to the Bengals next season.
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    Division 2 Districts Northeast 3/4/5

    No Ashtabula Lakeside district this year?
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    Best Coaches NE Ohio

    There’s 2 brothers that start at Mentor currently that started at Riverside last season. The Ioppolo‘s. Kids can shoot. But I do agree for the most part, Mentor’s success in hoops has mainly been home grown talent and Coach Krizancic is easily one of the best in the state.
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    VASJ Vikings Basketball 2021-22 Season Official Thread

    I saw the clown show Rotsky in attendance last night. How many football games do you have scheduled next season? I feel bad for the VASJ faithful who believe in this guy. It will all end badly like it always does with him. As for hoops, the talent at VASJ is no where near what it was with Babe...
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    State Championship Predictions

    St. Edward Hoban Chardon Ursuline Kirtland Coldwater Newark Catholic
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    Division III State Championship: Hamilton Badin (14-0) vs. Chardon (15-0)

    Good luck to the Chardon Hilltoppers.
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    Division I State Championship: Springfield (13-1) vs. Lakewood St. Edward (13-1)

    Good luck to Coach Lombardo and the St. Edward Eagles.
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    Division V State Championship: AP #1 Kirtland (14-0) vs. AP #8 Versailles (14-1)

    Good luck to the Hornets from your friends down the road on 306.