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    ## Favorite __________________ Points ______Underdog 01 Moeller _____________x_______ 8.5 _______ WASHINGTON (Massillon) 02 St. Xavier __________________ 9.5 ___x____ LAKOTA WEST 03 La Salle __________x__________7.5 ________COLERAIN 04 Mason ________________x_____4.5 ________LINCOLN (Gahanna) 05...
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    MVL 2022

    WW is more talented this year than they were last year. They are a run first team with a huge offensive line and a good group of RBs. According to a piqua poster their defensive line is not as good as last year. 7on7s dont mean a thing.
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    MVL 2022

    No chance
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    D3 Region 12

    Top 8 (No order) Trotwood Badin Wapak Tipp Monroe Bellbrook WB CJ
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    D4 Region 16

    Very good post here. The schools you all mention are sleeping Giants for sure. When they get structure you can see them start to reach their potential. What Crouch did at Mount Healthy, Mobley at Hughes, Cargile at Taft (and now Williams), currently Jones at Withrow is give discipline and...
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    D4 Region 16

    Very solid list here. Taft could be in the mix also. Traditionally they haven't had success in D4 though.
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    D3 Region 12

    I like western brown. They can put up points. Only issue is defense. Other than Massie no one in the conference can really prepare them for the caliber teams they will see at the top of region 12. Giving up 66 points to Monroe is concerning. Again this is a new season though so that issue can be...
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    D3 Region 12

    I know they were young last season. The chances of them bouncing back are pretty high. On paper the only team I believe that may be more talented is Badin. I think they are the clear cut favorites at this point. With that being said 2022 is a new season so we'll see!
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    D3 Region 12

    This region has quite a bit of changes. Aiken, Ross, Northwest, Alter, St.Marys ,Dunbar , Fenwick, Ponitz are all out. You also have Hillsboro, Meadowdale,Thurgood Marshall, Oakwood, Tecumseh, Wilmington and Western Brown coming in. (2021 Playoff Teams in Bold) Top Tier: Badin, Trotwood...
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    CJ Eagles looking for new head coach

    Love the Idea of Coach Place returning. Unless there is a really good candidate out there. Otherwise he’d be great bridging the gap until they find/mentor someone to take over.
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    SWO King of the Spread Pickem': WEEK 8 GAMES

    ## Favorite ____________________ Points ________ Underdog 01 ST XAVIER __________x________ 19.5 _________ La Salle 02 Mason ______________________ 12.5 ___x______ FAIRFIELD 03 PRINCETON _________________ 16.5 ____x_____Sycamore 04 SPRINGFIELD ___________x_____10.5 _________Centerville 05...
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    SWO King of the Spread Pickem': WEEK 7 GAMES

    ## Favorite ____________________Points ______ Underdog 01 Lakota East __________________7.5 ____x____COLERAIN 02 Mason ______________________ 9.5 ____x____SYCAMORE 03 Springfield __________________20.5 __x______SPRINGBORO 04 Fairmont ______________x______ 8.5 ________MIAMISBURG 05 WAYNE...
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    Taft @ Withrow Predictions

    Withrow has a very good defense and should win this one by a couple scores. Yes their schedule is very weak but Coach Jones is doing a good job and winning the games hes supposed to. The top 2 teams in this league are Withrow and Hughes at the moment. Taft is in the mix as well but not as good...
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    SWO King of the Spread Pickem': WEEK 6 GAMES

    ## Favorite ____________________Points _____ Underdog 01 La Salle ___________x__________ 6.5 _______MOELLER 02 ST XAVIER _________x_________17.5 _______Elder 03 Lakota West ________x________ 13.5 _______MASON 04 LAKOTA EAST ______________ 14.5 __x_____Sycamore 05 Princeton...
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    Friday Updates (Week 5)

    Springboro 15 Fairmont 14 Springboro went for 2 on the last score with just 2:11 left in the 4th