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    Democratic violent city updates
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    Democratic violent city updates
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    NBC will not air the next Golden Globes after diversity controversy

    Deaths by a thousand cuts. But, is Everyone educated about the Globalists agenda. They are attacking every piece of America. The whipped up frenzy for the hatred of Trump is a plank. These Globalists are evil. The destruction of this Country is the end game.
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    Let's start a good thread. List something positive today.

    Still enjoying the picture
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    Democratic violent city updates
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    Rigged election?

    What in God's name are you worried about? Oh I keep forgetting, you're just a Troll
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    Gov DeSantis of FL

    Yep, law and order
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    I'm now convinced the coup has taken place.

    Time will tell. How shameful will it be if it's true. But, Goodluck finding truth
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    100,000 cases of coronavirus already in Ohio

    Hypoxia hmmm
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    Rigged election?

    Take some time off. The trolling is laughable.
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    Is a “wrong” act okay if nobody ever knows about it?

    There is the problem with wrong. Reaction was to kill the author because he was wrong. Another reaction is to kill Muslims because they reacted wrong. Judgements of wrong misplaced.
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    STOP paying people not to work - NOW!!

    Does anyone know the exact scale of payments? State and Federal
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    Democratic violent city updates

    I don't think that's it, to some degree. The deaths in urban America don't fit the political narrative. Remember, rhe biggest threat to a black man is law enforcement. What a lie ! They biggest threat to black males are other black males. PERIOD
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    STOP paying people not to work - NOW!!

    Do you have details? I don't know a thing about it.