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    Boardman Head Coaching Job

    Pure speculation on my part but Philips already resigned from Stow. YSU Player Personnel Director, Tim Johnson also resigned to start his on business. This is the same position Philips held at Cinci. I am putting pieces together here and I could be wrong but it wouldn't be a shock if he ends...
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    Norwayne vrs NMS

    He will have two playing college football next year, one at YSU, one at Grove City, plus his daughter. My bet is you will see him in the stands, or perhaps on the sidelines with the Penguins!
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    Week 12 #9 8-3 Poland Seminary at #1 11-0 West Branch

    CatDog, I am simply saying I don't know enough about West Branches opponents to simply pontificate that Poland is the best team they have played.. I have however watched Poland enough to know how physical they are. You are free to overrule my objection if you judge it to be appropriate. ;)
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    Week 12 #9 8-3 Poland Seminary at #1 11-0 West Branch

    I will not say that Poland is the best team WB played, but I will say that they will be the most physical. This has the makings of a very good match up.
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    New Philadelphia at Hubbard Week 11

    If anybody who is hating on TC spent 5 minutes with him you would become a fan. One of the most humble well spoken young men I have ever met, and I will save you the time of looking it up,,, I am NOT from Hubbard.
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    PAC - 7 Football

    Wouldn't be so quick to underestimate Poland vs Fairless. Poland is 7-3 but lost to three teams with a record of 28-2. They are physical and although I know nothing about Fairless, I can tell you their run defense will be tested.
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    Division IV Region 13

    Ursuline is ridiculously talented on offense but at some point, they are going to have to play D if they want the ring. Just IMO.
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    South Range at Poland week 5

    Poland better play this game like its a week 11 playoff game. Anything less, is not acceptable.
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    South Range at Poland week 5

    As a Poland fan I will reiterate that Poland did NOT get robbed in Hubbard they beat themselves through mistakes, lack of adjustments, and an undisciplined second half full of penalties. This takes nothing away from the efforts of #22 for Hubbard, who I hear is one of the most respectful young...
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    Poland at Hubbard wk4

    Dogs 31-28 Hubbard's 12th man will help Poland win this game..... ;)
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    Week 2: Louisville Leopards (0-1) at Poland Bulldogs (0-1)

    I don't have a dog in the race but from what I saw last night, Louisville has talent even though I heard they lost starting TB to season ending injury in a scrimmage. They had some real players that stuck out especially #56 on the d-line and #32 the RB. Poland still seemed as if they are...
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    Week 2: Louisville Leopards (0-1) at Poland Bulldogs (0-1)

    Hoping Poland is 0-5 and actually thinking they will be is completely different.
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    Canfield v Poland Week 1

    I think Poland was much better than most anticipated last night. In the end, in addition to the excellent plays the Canfield QB made, I think the numbers game caught up with Poland. They have as many kids going both ways as I have seen in a long time. They need to not let this 1st game define...
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    NE8 2021

    Kirtland at Poland Aug 11 6:00pm I believe