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    Napoleon Died 200 years ago. Is he the goat of mankind over the last 250 years.

    Did not read entire thread but I will nominate a couple for the Americas. Benjamin Franklin, Little Turtle.
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    Memes, funny picture thread (for politics)

    Joe is a ventriloquist?
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    Critical Race Theory

    Humans generally do not like change. Once the basics are provided humans will typically want to stay with what they know unless otherwise enlightened. You do not realize it yet but you are exposing the democrat agenda. Most of us here are former democrats...wait until you see it, you will be...
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    Bill Gates and Melinda Gates are splitting up after 27 years

    If she demands cash, who pays the shipping?
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    Help with this Hippie Dance

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    Rigged election?

    Trump made great decisions like shutting down travel from China All the dems wanted it open, many admited, great decision. Trump also worked miracles, according to the dems. "We need thousands of ventilators and it will be impossible to get"...Trump made it happen and no one went without. "We...
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    Rigged election?

    This is the dems enslavement plan. They want people to be dependent on the government, then every election they can instill fear by saying the republicans want to take away your free stuff and let you give me your vote. Trump was their worst nightmare and was lifting up everyone...
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    Rigged election?

    It is all how you word the question and how uninformed the media keeps most people. Do you like this large "covid" relief plan? Since the mainstream dem media keeps people uninformed....they all say yes. The real question is, Do you think it is good that only 10% of the dems covid relief plan...
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    Rigged election?

    Slavery was a worldwide problem and in America it was a long established English/ Spanish and native institution. As soon as we declared independence, states began to use the constitution to abolish slavery, " I think New Hampshire 1776"most Patriots were for ending english slavery including the...
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    NJ cop fired for post berating BLM protesters as ‘terrorists’

    Is a "bacon style" death really that bad? Her attorney could just literally pull out the dictionary and tell the judge to pick any of the several hundred riots, go to the video and check every single box every time.