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    Deleted thread

    Nope, I still see it.
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    2021-2022 General Discussion

    He'd want me to feed him too. I'd be cheaper with an UBER.
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    Northwest Ohio Realignment

    It's not as if they didn't have their wins in the TRAC. As they would in the TCL and any new Private Conf that might pop up. This year alone they beat SJJ and Clay. It's a travel issue and a travel issue alone. The rest is people trying to pretend it's not a travel issue. At least as far as the...
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    MAC 2021

    Toledo, mostly interested to see how the starting five match-up. We have one guy on the bench that could possibly contribute but he's in the dog house because after the border opened up, he went hope to Canada to see family over the Summer. This apparently did not set well with Coach. smh He did...
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    2021-2022 General Discussion

    Iowa had 25 ppg that never left the bench due to mild injury and a second leading scorer that sat quick with 2 fouls. They are going to be tough. A much better ball-club than Purdue. Purdue has some tough and unusual match-ups to be sure and some very skilled individuals but that's what they...
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    What are you watching?

    Never saw that. I hear it's a classic. Maybe a good Sunday watch.
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    Toledo Area Basketball 21-22

    Is there a list of scores anywheres? Anyone get punched in a floor scrum or the handshake line?
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    What Is the Most Good Cookie?

    Unlike the other things, my favorite cookie seems to have more to do with who makes it. I do tend to stick to basics, the top three in the list. Of name brands it's either Chips Ahoy and a whole lot of milk, Oreos and a whole lot of coffee or Patrick Sandwich (lemon, strawberry or choco)...
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    What are you watching?

    I like it. Really didn't think I would. Light hearted when light hearted is really welcome. I figured the young arrow would be a bore. I was wrong. Really good chemistry with Barton. It's been fun.
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    Toledo Area Basketball 21-22

    Nice upset by Rogers over Start. The Rogers coach McBrayer related to Chris McBrayer, who coaches at scott who is married to the best basketball player the city has produced in the last two decades?
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    Mr football

    when it became inconvenient for the narrative? I'm sure he meant FCS. YSU's conference usually has a few solid P5 games a year. Nothing to sneeze at.
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    2021-2022 General Discussion

    Heavy underdog Iowa coming in to play undefeated and #2 Purdue. Anyone seeing anything omninous in this scenario?
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    Expressions that I'm sick of hearing

    Well somebody's got to be at the bottom Ma didn't appreciate my clever response.....
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    Any concerns Coach Ryan Day....

    They're in the SEC now. Those boys need learn how to turn left.