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  • You pretty much nailed it. Ifft shows game film on Mondays and he is always saying and sometimes illustrating how our kids are too nice on the football field by bypassing legal kill shots. We play Steubenville tonight and I guarantee they won't bypass any kill shots legal or maybe not. Good luck the rest of the year.
    Doverbuck just passing on some thoughts to you from myself about last week. First great game -refs but that is weekly it seems these days lol.I work the chain gang for Tallmadge and I want to say your boys are a great group all seem to have been brought up by great parents. Not a peep of negativity was heard on their behalf. Professional for high school players. Like you after the game I thought what is missing on Dovers team. Answer I did not see a true leader/meat eater on the sidelines.Almost too nice :) No one for all to follow with an eager desire to play hard,play fast,play to win. Not knocking program whatsoever just giving some insight from someone looking in. Your actually very talented team wise just need nailsfor breakfast that's all lol ! good luck this week and hope Dover gets hungry soon to make playoffs. have a great day
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