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    2021 Inaugural Season: Three Rivers Conference

    I still think, you can't compare it to the whole SWBL. Milton wasn't playing the whole SWBL. Compare it to the Buckeye division. National Trail beat Dixie last night. Carlisle got steamrolled by Brookville. Madison lost bad to Valley View. Waynesville lost big to Eaton. The TRC is not going to...
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    16 team playoffs

    I didn't like it, but this year I do. A team can afford lose kids to Covid, suffer more losses than they should, and not have it ruin their year.
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    Division 4 Region 16 poll

    If you are comparing the whole SWBL there is a big difference. If you just compare the Buckeye division, the difference gets much smaller. You are now comparing Waynesville, Carlisle, Madison, Dixie, and Preble to Covington, Miami East, Riverside, Lehman, Troy Christian and Bethel. Milton still...
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    Is Kasner coaching again at Greeneview?

    yes, he is an assistant.
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    Three Rivers Conference Opener: (1-2) Northridge vs (1-2) Miami East

    MU vs the TRC: MU 27-15 Miami East MU 10-13 Lehman Catholic MU 40-15 Northridge MU 13-11 Covington (1 tie) MU has never played Bethel, Troy Christian (1 scrimmage in 2000), or Riverside.
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    Outraged teams not coming out for the national anthem

    In most cases t is the head coach. There are some leagues that have rules though. The GWOC used to (I don't know if they still do) have a schedule that was something like 5 minutes left visiting team takes field, 4 min Home team, 3 min Anthem. I would bet many coaches don't make it a part of...
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    2021 Inaugural Season: Three Rivers Conference

    Good article on PressPros about TC. I think if they stay healthy they are a force in the league. Good but thin. One or 2 injuries might make them drop lower than they should.
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    2021 Samuel Houseworth’s OHSAA High School Football Rankings – 9-3-21

    I saw Valley View at 141 and Milton Union at 256 and immediately knew this is worthless.
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    Week 3: (2-0) Milton-Union @ (0-1) Oakwood

    It was easy to see #1's injury to those that were at Saturday's game. Hope he is fine. What happened to the quarterback? He looks like a heck of a punter. Can't be too bad if he was able to punt Saturday!
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    TRC Pick-Em Week 3

    just a point of clarification...Oakwood is 1-1, not 0-2!
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    Week 3: (2-0) Milton-Union @ (0-1) Oakwood

    cash works for concessions, just not tickets.
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    2021 Inaugural Season: Three Rivers Conference

    agreed Oakwood Northridge is an intriguing game this week.
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    2021 Inaugural Season: Three Rivers Conference

    pretty sure TC has something like 18 seniors and much lower numbers after that. I think this is their best shot for a few years.
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    2021 Southwestern Buckeye League

    How did VV do against Goshen in their first scrimmage?
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    From the outside looking in, it seems like they got beat by weather as much as by Riverside last year? Weather could be a factor again?