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    2023 Wilmington Div II District Ranking

    Supposed to be 2 Central sectionals this year. Might have the option to select a sectional / districts or they realign the WCH sectional back to Wilmington district.
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    post-season representation (sectional/district) update

    Depending on how the Central Sectionals are drawn, but top teams in that secitonal to the SW last year, made for a tough district.
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    First Set of Rankings for the 2022-23 Season

    Back to thread, back to thread....
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    SPG Wrestling Coach Steps Down

    But does any of their Dad's coach. Just asking for a friend.
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    SPG Wrestling Coach Steps Down

    Not all of their 'fire power' participates in OAC, but is definitely going to make for a competitive team & state series.
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    Wait till member One Weight starts his thread. Talk about watered down.
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    Division aligning

    Two Divisions had a very compelling argument.
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    Can't believe this thread is still getting "new " posts. By the way, I still have final tickets available.
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    Best Ohio wrestler to never win a state title?

    Kagan Squire, Wadsworth (2,3,3,2)
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    Final Enrollment Numbers are up

    Look for an uptick to the soccer program....
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    Final Enrollment Numbers are up

    Looking at this years total state qualifier teams to teams with 1 participant - teams with >=5 participants: D1. 88 - 44 - 13. D2. 98 - 43 - 10. D3. 102 - 49 - 9. Again, seems closer given the "entry grid" numbers.
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    OHSAA, drop D3

    Didn't you leave? Or was that leaving?
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    OHSAA, drop D3

    Top 8 in each division in a 24 man tournament wouldn't be sweeps for D1, so probably pretty good as is. IMO
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    2022 NCAA Pick'Em

    At least the format was correct. Just missed on the 'cut & paste' part.
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    2022 NCAA Pick'Em

    125lbs. 8 Patrick McKee, MINN, 20-7 133lbs. 5 Austin DeSanto, IOWA, 15-3 141lbs. 6 Cole Matthews, PITT, 17-2 149lbs. 4 Sammy Sasso, OHST, 21-2 157lbs. 2 Ryan Deakin, NW, 13-0 165lbs. 3 Alex Marinelli, IOWA, 20-1 174lbs. 9 Mikey Labriola, NEB, 20-4 184lbs. 7 Kaleb Romero, OHST, 13-3 197lbs. 12...